Blogtember: How’d I Name My Blog

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I skipped yesterday, not because I was meaning to, but sometimes you just need to put down the computer, grab some chipotle, and watch an NCIS marathon with my mister.  That’s what I did last night instead of blogging.  I hope yall don’t mind.

So, today is Labor Day – but for the Blogtember Challenge the question is how’d you name your blog.

I’ve had several, because I’ve been blogging for ten years, I don’t always keep the same emphasis.  It is ever evolving

My Thoughts on the Word was just that.  It was my first blog – and really a blog, a personal journal on my thoughts from my quiet time.  That was about it.

Kims State of Food: that was my first food blog.  I started it to share recipes for the college girls I hung out with.

For the Love of NC was a blog dedicated to my travels around my lovely state of NC.

This Whole Life was the first time I attempted to connect all the blogs together.

Applesause and Grenadine was another food blog attempt.

Now, I’ve had kd316 since 2011.  I love it.  It has everything: my photography, my recipes, my health journey, my book reviews and resources, and my random every day thoughts.  I named it that because kd (my initials, and now that I’m married, my middle initial is still d, so it works.  Also, its my favorite verse: Colossians 3:16 “Let the Word of Christ dwell in your richly…”  I want the gospel to permeate every bit of my life – just not my “Bible” time.

kcreatives is the subtitle for the blog.  Intention: Creative.  Because life has a lot of mundane moments and I don’t want to live in the mundane.  I want to be creative with my time and talents and let that part of God’s character come out in me.

  1. Paula

    I love that you have had so many blogs! I chose to check out yours because I saw the lighthouse. Big Jon and I were in NC in March visiting our Favorite 2nd born and Favorite Navy Wife. Loved it! “I don’t want to live in the mundane”
    beautiful words to live by.