Blogtember Challenge: TGIF

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How life has changed.  I remember in high school it was close to a sin to sit home on a Friday night.  Our high school (at the time) didn’t have football, but soccer was the big sport and then in the winter it was basketball – then in the spring it was baseball or the beach or a movie.  You just weren’t cool if you were at home.

Then in college, it was pretty much the same way, just with different activities.

Seminary, well, most people had dates or ministry events or were home with their families.

Now…I love love love to stay home on a Friday night.  Even when we didn’t have any children, I always thought after a long week without my husband, all I wanted to do was eat dinner at home (or bring in something) and sit and chill.  So, that’s normally what we did.

Now, our schedules are very different.  He doesn’t get a weekend, so Fridays are just a normal day. He usually works till about 9pm on Fridays.  I put the boys to bed and watch something, read, take a bath, bake cookies, and wait until he comes home.  We never go out on Friday nights (and that’s ok because ATL traffic on a Friday is awful and every place is packed that you would want to go.

Tonight is a little different.  My mister is coming back from being gone for a few days.  I’m going to put our younger boy to bed at his normal time (after Friday Friyay) and keep the older one awake.  We will have popcorn together and watch a movie – probably the Penguins of Madagascar or a Pooh movie or something and see if he makes it up to see his daddy tonight.  That will be a special treat for both him and his daddy.