Blogtember Challenge: The Real Me

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Chattanooga Country

Social media often times get a bad rap.  Most say that who you see on the computer screen isn’t really the real person who is doing the typing. So…today’s question: is the real you and the online you the same?

Yes and no.  Only sometimes do I post pictures of me when I’m not wearing makeup and my hair is in a ponytail with my glasses on.  Truth be told – that is how I normally am.  However, I have gotten better and don’t wear yoga pants every day – that is more for my mister.

I usually don’t post ALL of my parenting failures – but I do post some.

I am sarcastic online – and I’m sarcastic in real life.  But, I’ve gotten less with both.  Because often times, sarcasm doesn’t give grace to the receiver.

Yes, that I do share what God is teaching me.  But, no that I don’t share everything.  I’ve gotten in trouble in the past for sharing too much on my blog – so I’ve definitely toned that down some.  So, if you really wanna know what is going on in my heart: then you have to be in a tight group of people, and we have to be talking in a non-public context (like face to face, phone text, email, private msg, etc.

I am more extroverted online – I’m definitely more of an introvert in person.

All in all – I really do think my online self and real life self (to my close community) is the same.