One Reason I Love Fall

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Fall Play and Books

Because there is more time to read books!

I love books and I love fall, so there you go.

Almost every night I have the privilege of putting my boys to bed. My favorite time with them is right before bed time when I take the time to read stories with each one of them in their rooms.  I start with my younger and we read three books.  Then I move on to my older son and we read two books.  I love holding them, reading with them, laughing with them, and praying over them.  Such a sweet bonding time.

So, what a great thing to combine both my love of books and love of Fall with a new book by Tommy Nelson that I was sent to read with my children and to pass on to you.  This great board book continues a series of season books that show furry “lions” (my sons overall word for most animals) having fun as families doing Fall activities.

You will love it.

How do you win this book – you ask?  Tell me your favorite fall activity to do with your children?  Ours: going to a pumpkin patch!

3 Responses

  1. Wendy

    We love to take the girls to a corn maze, where there is a pumpkin patch, a big blow up gigantic jumpy pillow (they only allow a few people on at the time), corn hole, a kid mini maze and more. We also like to go to different fall festivals and hiking!

  2. Margie

    Our family loves corn mazes, back porch dinners, and making caramel apples! It’s also our favorite time to be outdoors – soccer, reading, playing. Not to mention the delicious fragrances! New candles and fun decorations come out!!! 🙂 My favorite time of year!

  3. Jen

    Our favorite fall activity is probably trick or treating on Halloween as it’s Audrey’s birthday… Two fold celebration!