What’s the Scoop with Grown-Up Coloring Books?

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Saint Simons Nature

If you haven’t been in a Michaels are read blogs you may not know this – but coloring books are back.  No, not for kids – but for adults.  Mostly women who want to have a creative outlet.  Coloring books are definitely a new thing in the adult coloring world – and may be here for at least a little bit – and one of the fads I love.

My friend Karisse is doing them and I love hers because they are simple and based on Scripture for the most part of really cool quotes that she likes.

Blogging For Books had one I chose by Daria Song.  I really loved the prettiness of the book, but for me it was a little too detailed.  I like to color to relax and just think and do nothing.  When I have to be that detailed in my coloring (I like coloring inside the lines) then it isn’t as relaxing for me.

I can’t wait to do some more though and keep the coloring trend alive!