Simply Calligraphy: a review

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It is no secret that I love handlettering.  I love it. I’ve been loving lettering since about the 6th grade.  Snail mail, homework, papers, journaling, Bible journaling, writing out talks, etc.  Now, I do it for a creative side business.

I am always wanting new ways to learn and practice.  So, I got Simply Calligraphy from Blogging for Books since I saw it was an option.  And I received it, flipped through it, looked at its materials, and realized that it was great for a beginner – especially in “Real” calligraphy, not modern calligraphy.

If you want to know general concepts in a simple fashion, this is an ok book.  I really love pretty calligraphy, and this just isn’t it.  But, for solid techniques that are good for any handlettering, you might learn a few things.