Danielle Walker’s Celebrations

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Food and celebrations always  go together in my book.  From the start of life to the end of life and everywhere in between.  And even with so many of the food restrictions that some people have because of their health or other priorities, Danielle Walker has made cooking for celebrations easier than ever.

While stocking a grain free kitchen takes money, if you are cooking for others with special needs, the effort will always be appreciated.

Danielle is an expert in the blog world of specialty diet cooking.  I just recently listened to a Happy Hour podcast with her that was helpful to understand how she started cooking this way.

I look forward to diving into this cookbook – the pictures make my mouth water!  I’m so thankful for storytelling and beautiful photos in cookbooks. Danielle gets it!

So, go ahead and pre-order this cookbook and get on it – especially if you have these special needs