Finding Lovely

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I can honestly tell you this week has been an emotional roller coaster for me.  Our schedules have been crazy.  We had a 4th bday party at our house on Monday – that was super fun hanging out with littles and eating cake and playing with dinosaurs.

When life isn’t as beautiful (in some ways) as you would like them to be, how do you find the lovely?  I am reading Looking for Lovely by Annie Downs and loving just the simple ways that she finds joy in life – in the little and the big things: like the Ryman and sushi and working out.

I’ve been working through Colors with This Humble Hive with the boys – love the different activities.  Even though we probably have two color blind boys – the activities are fun and we are engaging with them in their learning.

Now that Fall is here, and I’m not weird for cooking with pumpkin and apples, even though the temperature is still kinda warm here in Atlanta, I can now salivate over every beautiful thing on this page.

Lots of new books are coming my way right now, but the ones I’m looking forward to digging into are Love, Henri (I read much of Henri Nouwen in college at Flagler College) and Falling Free that was recommended by a friend of mine.

I’ve discovered the place that I could live forever (if my mister was with me) (until I went to Heaven)…it has beautiful beaches, not as touristy as some other places, gorgeous skies and trails and oaks and spanish moss.  Beautiful bridges, lighthouses, coffee shops, memories, and I can’t wait to go back any time I can.  Where would you live forever if you could live in one place?