Building Bedtime Memories (giveaway)

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At the end of the day, motherhood can require a lot of us and we can be exhausted.  We might be longing for a glass of wine, a dessert, a bubble bath, or just the ability to sit down and binge on Fixer Upper.

But, if we are faithful in finishing the day well with our children, we will reap the blessings.  I am usually the one the put our sons to bed since my mister works retail and most evenings he gets home after bedtime.  Depending on how the day has gone, I’m really just ready to turn off their lights and shut their doors.  After brushing teeth of course!

I want to improve on my daily time with them at bed time. If my mister is home, we read a Bible story and each have time with one of our boys.  I usually take the older and tuck him in or read him some Little House (we are working through this series).  He sings the younger one a song and tucks him all in nice and tight.

The area I want to improve is the nights when I’m by myself, to actually read them a Bible story, pray with them, and then spend time with each of them in their rooms.  Singing or reading or just talking.  It may take an extra ten minutes, but I know that time is precious and I won’t get that back.

The resource we are going through now is the Bedtime Read and Rhyme Bible Stories.  I like it more than I thought I would – and I usually continue the rhyme well after I’m done reading.  It is note quite as crazy as Dr Seuss, but still fun.  The pictures are engaging for the kids and the rhymes make it fun.  Then the prayers at the end of each story allow us to focus our prayers at the end of the day.

How do you need to rescue or reprise bedtime?  What have you read at bedtime or done that makes that transition easier?

You can answer the questions above for an opportunity to get this hardcover book for you and your family.  Thanks Tommy Nelson Mommies for the book. All opinions are my own.

3 Responses

  1. Wendy

    We let my oldest choose three books to read before bed. My youngest (19 months) will come and sit with me or Tim (whoever is reading to my oldest (three years old) that night and we read until the youngest is ready to get down. Then we continue after the youngest has disappeared into another room. Depending on the book, my youngest will usually hang with us for at least two of them. Before the last book, we pray because it means my oldest has settled down for the night. After prayer time, we will read the last book. We usually add another book (depending on what she has picked) based on a bible story or the bible itself. We have done this for so long that she will usually pick her bible or a bible story. For example: During the Christmas Holidays, she wanted to read about the nativity most evenings. After we are finished reading, I will put my oldest into bed and sing a couple of songs to her. This is the time I’ll sing something like “I love you lord” and “As the Deer”, and leave the fun crazy songs like “Wheels on the Bus” for during the day. If my husband is home, he will take one of the girls and I the other and do the same thing. If he is out of town, after the oldest is down for bed, I’ll read and repeat with the youngest. The Bedtime Read and Rhyme Bible sounds like a perfect book to be able to continue to open discussion and teach about God and His word.

  2. Beth

    My husband travels so I’m often alone. We do baths and then they quietly read (look at books) while I get the baby down. I like to all snuggle in my bed and we read stories. Then they each choose a song and then we pray together. Would love a good new book to read to them!

  3. Bonnie Guerra

    Bedtime is my thing too, even though Papi is home! I’d love to work on changing that somehow but *most* nights I actually enjoy it. I get Sophia in her pjs and sometimes we sing during that. Then brush teeth. Then we move to her room to read books, which I let her choose. I think the teacher in me enjoys this part most because she really gets into books! She finishes sentences and has definite favorites. I try to steer her towards one of her “Jesus” books for one of them. It’s so precious to hear a sweet 2 yr old voice say “Jesus!” My personal favorites are ones like this one: The Story of Jesus

    They rhyme as well and I’ve found them to be pretty good theologically for little ones!

    After books, Papi comes in (lately with sister in tow) and we do hugs, kisses and Goodnight’s.

    One thing I’d like to start doing more is praying with her before bed. Not sure how to start his practically. Maybe that’ll be our 2017 goal!