The Magic of Motherhood (a review)

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Ok – I’m not really a coffee fan.  My mister wishes I would be, so we could sit at places and have cheap drinks (regular black coffee) and talk for hours on end.  But, the drinks I like are 5$ so not quite as cheap.

But, I might go drink coffee after reading the Magic of Motherhood.  Let me explain.

When you go to coffee with a friend, a true friend, one who shares your worldview, who champions what you are doing, who rejoices with you in the good, who encourages you even on the hard days.  Or maybe its not coffee, but you have a margarita at their house, or enjoy some chips and guac together, or eat a bagel together, or a cupcake…friends you are comfortable with.  Yeah, those friends…

That’s how I felt when I was reading The Magic of Motherhood.  I felt I was chilling with some close friends, friends who were able to share whatever was on their heart, knowing that they shared the same biblical worldview as me (value of their children, value of being a mother, knowing that God loves them and has a great plan for their lives, knowing that we can’t do this thing called motherhood without the Gospel).

These friends knew they wouldn’t face judgment or shame for sharing what was on their hearts.  These friends knew I would encourage them with truth.

My favorite genre of books is memoir/biography.  I love the fact that the authors of memoirs feel the freedom to share what has gone on in their lives (the good, the bad, and the stuff you’d like to forget), and not feel that they would be punished for it.  They were sharing what was going on in their lives so that others might be encouraged or learn from their lives.  In biographies, we often learn that the people we look up to or admire don’t (or didn’t in some cases) have it all together.

In today’s Christian circles, we often feel like we have to put on a show to others like we have it all together.  Or, we have to couch everything in quoting Bible verses so people will think that our hearts are saturated with truth (which they hopefully are but sometimes we do this just so people will not see the hurt in our hearts and any doubts we might have).  When it comes to parenting, I’ve had experiences of shame and judgment when I’ve shared the struggles that I’ve had with motherhood.  And I’ve experienced shame because my kids don’t always act perfect in public.

The Magic of Motherhood was like just sitting, reading, knowing I wasn’t alone, knowing that God is in charge and brings good, and we do go through hard stuff as mothers.  And we won’t like every moment of it.  And not once did I hear “the days are long but the years are short” or “enjoy every moment of it”.  I read about real mamas who were sharing real struggles, real joys, real moments.  And they even talked about their jobs and their husbands – knowing that when we are mamas life still goes on outside of our children.

If you are needing some encouragement along the motherhood journey, this is a good quick encouraging, non-notetaking, read.  You can sit with a cup of coffee, in your yoga pants, and you don’t have to have a pen.

Thanks Tommy Nelson for this book.  And you can win one – just tell me something you find fun about motherhood.

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  1. Davia

    Bedtime!! Ok, not just bedtime…though that is fun. I love those moments when the boys are just having fun. Tuesday Joe and Ed were playing together. No wrestling or lightsabers involved, just two boys and a bunch of toys. It doesn’t happen often in our home, since Joe likes his solitude, but those moments of unprompted play are my favorite.

  2. Emily Bell

    Seeing my son develop his own personality and seeing everything with wonder because everything is awe inspiring to a little one!

  3. Sherry White

    Just listening to the thoughts that come out of their mouth. They way they are putting the world together. I have a journal that I keep for each child and I write down all the humerous, thoughtful, and brilliant things they say. They are constantly amazing me.

    • Kimberly

      They will treasure that journal and that you took the time to do that!

  4. Summer

    One thing I love about motherhood is how I am finding that each of my girls is unique and quirky in her own way. Seeing them turn into “functioning” humans with thought and dreams and likes and dislikes has been fun. Not so fun? When THEIR desire is opposed to MY desire and then the battle ensues. 😉

  5. Faith Raider

    The thing about motherhood is that it both brings out the best in me and brings out the worst in me. I have done AMAZING things as a mother and I have also done and said awful things because my kids were driving me crazy. I hope though that by modeling how to handle my failures as a mom I’m teaching my kids something important about life.

  6. Amanda

    Tickle sessions with all the giggles ^_^ happy babies are so much fun.

  7. Meghan

    I’m a new stepmom to an 8 year old little girl so this being a mom is all so new. I missed the early years but she’s becoming mine more more each day. We recently moved out of a two bedroom into a rental home on 3 acres of land. I love looking out our kitchen window during the golden our and seeing our daughter playing pretend, twirling in the rays of sun as they peek through the trees, knowing she’ll be inside soon telling us of the adventures she went on.

    • Kimberly

      Always listen to those adventures. They certainly are fun!

  8. Tanya Niewedde

    Watchung my kids love the things I love is so fun and humbling all at the same time! For instance I never realized that during walks I point out all of the pretty things like flowers, trees, the weather, etc….now my Emma does the same 😉 In fact it drives my husband a little crazy because it takes us forever to walk places! Praying most of all my littles learn what it looks like to love Jesus.

    • Kimberly

      And I’m sure the “long” walks get old, but have patience and greet each comment with listening ears (I’m saying this to myself as well)

  9. Bonnie

    Experienced one moment today and it flooded my heart with all kinds of fuzzies. When I pick up Sophia from daycare and they’re in the fellowship hall, Sophia RUNS as fast as she can into my arms. Today she almost knocked me over. For real. She’s done it before, but something about today was just amazing and perfectly timed and just what this mama needed. Love that silly girl something fierce!!