Lavish Hospitality 21

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Friendship is such an avenue for hospitality.

And you know it well:

Think of the friend that you can just pop in and see and it doesn’t matter what their house looks like or what they are wearing.  I read in a study recently that teenagers have more of a self-image problem because of selfies – you could just hang out and not care what you look like, but now everyone is doing instastories and selfies all the time – you have to always care what you look like.

Think of the friend that you text or call first when something hurts you.  Or when there is something to rejoice over!

Think of the friends that you text or call when there is a crisis and you need prayer.  I know I have a short text list of ladies I know who will pray for me as soon as I text them.

Think of the friend that you want to share your struggles with – whether they are struggles in your marriage, in parenting, or in your business.

Friendships like these don’t come along all the time.  And they also don’t come by way of social media.

These types of friendships take countless hours interacting, journeying life together, sitting in coffee shops, skyping or talking on the phone, or pulling up a barstool to the kitchen counter.

Quote from Maggie Brendan’s new book Trusting Grace