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As I sit in a cozy local coffee shop in the heart of Augusta, having moved here almost 5 months ago, I think about all the times we’ve moved.

Since we’ve been married, 6+ years, we’ve moved quite a bit.  Our stories and our moves have not all been our design, but we know that God writes beautiful stories. Ones that will help us be more of who He wants us to be.

And each church that has been a part of our journey in these 6 years of marriage and family life, has indeed had a lasting impact on my soul.

And if you are a church leader or even just a church member who loves their local church, you want new comers – new city dwellers to be able to find your church, so your church can be a tool that God can use to leave a lasting impact in individual’s lives and family’s lives (like mine.

And when we moved to our new home, we had connections.  Coming from the ministry world, two seminary degrees under our belt, we knew people.  But, what do you do if you don’t know anyone.  Do you just google “church near me?”

Church leaders – do you want the unchurched to find your church?  They may not come first to a great event near you – if they do, how will they hear about the event?  Maybe they will hear about it from the neighbor who lives down the street?  Maybe they won’t live near anyone who attends your church.

My friend William Wright has thought a lot about these questions: about church, church life and community, reaching the lost, how the digital age can be a help not a hindrance to your church, how your website speaks a lot for who you are as a church.

As a church in the 21st century, almost a complete digital age (really who uses the yellow pages anymore?) this is what William says: “Unfortunately, churches lag behind many times when it comes to technology. Many churches today do NOT understand that their front door has changed locations. When ANY person has ANY question on ANY subject they simply “Google it”. The same is true when it comes to looking for a new church home.”

We need to be ready to use tools that are within our reach – to reach out to the lost.  Yes, relationships matter.  And yes digital technology matters.

Digital Rocket is a great resource that you need to avail yourself to.  Learn how “google it” can work for you.

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