A Very Happy Easter Prayer

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Easter is right around the corner . We’ll be starting out vacation the day of Easter, so we’ll be doing things a bit different this year.  But…the reason is still the same for our celebration!

Jesus is Alive!

And a book to celebrate that is A Very Happy Easter Prayer.  It is a cute board book for toddlers from Bonnie Jenson and Tommy Nelson Mommies.

And while I like it and its cute illustrations that might be a good practice for me and watercolor…  And it talks about the incarnation.  And the resurrection.  It doesn’t talk about the death of Jesus at all.  And isn’t that the reason that we had an empty tomb in the first place.

We don’t need to shy away from the death of Christ. Our boys know “Jesus died on the cross for my sins.  Jesus is alive!”  Of course they don’t fully understand it, but they still know it.

I hope you guys, in whatever books you read during this spring season, can share with your kids the truth about Jesus’ death and the empty tomb!