Dinner for Dinos

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Meal times at our house aren’t where I want them – but nor are they are bad as they once were.


I remember when our older was little, we’d spend every night sweeping up the crumbs on the floor thinking this season would last forever.  Then we had a second little boy.  So, the season stretched on.

But, then you know what, they learn how to eat.  Now, we seldom have to sweep the floor, though my husband is gracious and sweeps our eating area!

Now, we don’t have to deal with messes all the time, but instead we are teaching our boys how to have conversation at the table, no burping at the table, not to try to be silly and make the other one laugh at the table, how to sit and wait for everyone to finish or not start until every one sits down, not to bring toys to the table.

Instead, we want our table to be a life-giving spot. A spot to talk, enjoy good food, talk about our days, share life together.  We’ll get there.  Its not where I want it to be – but we can take steps every meal to get there, right?

Do you have any tips on how to make meal times

better with young school age kids?

Tommy Nelson sent me this book about dinosaurs and dinner.  Yes, I thought it was a perfect book for our family because sometimes we have dinosaurs at the dinner table with us.  In this book the author talks about shopping for food, the health benefits of certain foods, eating foods you may not like, setting the table, eating everything and not burping, and enjoying the food.

So, if your kids love dinosaurs and you want a book about how to eat at the dinner table – then this book is for you.  You can win a copy of this book for yourself.  Just tell me

What is your child’s favorite meal? 

What meal will they gobble up and ask for seconds and want every meal?

7 Responses

  1. Sarah M

    My kids love Mac and cheese (super messy), ham and cheese wraps, chips, grapes…. all the things that end up on the floor!

  2. Tasya

    Right now, their favorite is probably pancakes and eggs, our Sunday night tradition.

  3. Bonnie

    One thing I know both my girls love is (surprisingly to me) pepperoni pizza! Don’t dare give them cheese pizza… they’ll look at you like you are out of your mind. They’d rather have extra pepperonis! Haha! And lately they both live cucumbers. Finally a veggie they both like!

  4. Emily Bell

    I need this book! My almost 2 year old eats chicken, turkey sausage, strawberries, clementines and yogurt. And crackers. And larabars. And that’s the extent of the variety. He will eat French fries out, but not roasted potatoes at home. He won’t eat deli meat, cheese, spaghetti, eggs, hamburger, etc etc …..frustrating too because he doesn’t say many words. When he gets a little older we will work on it a lot more. And of course table manners- he has none yet

  5. Emily Bell

    I need this book!!! My almost 2 year old is very picky – he won’t even eat Mac n cheese or spaghetti. He won’t eat cheese or deli meat or drink milk. He eats chicken, turkey sausage, yogurt, strawberries, clementines and crackers and that’s about it. Aside from other treats.