Blogtember Challenge: Back to the Future

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I am 16, going on 17

I was a whole different person when I was 16.  The year was 1993.  Danny Wuerffel played for the Gators.  My brother was a senior and started driving us to school.  I sang in a traveling musical group for my high school.  I switched churches and went out on my own in that arena.

Dearest me:

First of all – love Jesus more.  It is not about all these games that you are playing, not about getting the cutest boyfriend, or being the most popular – all of that will fade even before the yearbook comes out at the end of the year.

Second, when it comes time to pick a major in a few years: pick something that you are passionate about – not just something that will pay the bills.  You love photography – even when you capture it with that little yellow and black throw away.  The world is going more digital – learn it

Third, make relationships work.  I’m not talking about the guy you will date or the guys you wanna date – but make sure relationships are important to you.  Community and friendships and mentoring – all those centered in Jesus – will stick with you and make you a much better person.

Last: travel.  I know you love to go on little trips to the coast or just like to hang out – but travel as much as you can.  Don’t just read about it in books or watch the world from television.  You will have many opportunities in the coming years to travel the world – don’t say no.  Traveling opens your mind and heart to the world God created to reflect His glory.  Go.

And most of all – love.  This life is not about you.  Live well and love often.  Cook more.  Capture moments.

Love – your 38 year old self.