Chasing Traffic

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Why do you do what you do?

I mean, I’m sitting here on the couch, loading photos for my church, writing this blog post, my little is not napping, so I guess I’ll just wait until I hear something crash.  He needs to learn to play in his room quietly right?

Anyway…why do I do what I do?

I cook…because I love to see other people eat my food and enjoy it.  And I like playing with the flavors.  That’s why I usually don’t cook for myself.  Because who likes to cook for one?

I letter and watercolor…to meditate on Scripture and to do art at an affordable price so others can enjoy it in their home or to give as a gift.  And to help them meditate on Scripture too.  To fill their home.

I blog…because I like to talk about what I want to talk about, yes, of course.  But, I also like to encourage other women.  I started blogging back before blogging was really a thing, and especially before making money blogging was really a thing.  I wanted to share devotional thoughts and recipes and travels.  My blog has definitely had different focuses over the years, but it really was and is about encouraging other women in their walk with Jesus.

I do photography….because I love it. I love to look at photos after I take them.  I love to capture smiles and special moments.  I like to do it affordably for others who may not have an unlimited budget to spend for fancy photography.  People without a large budget should still be able to have nice photographs right?

I was listening to Taylor’s podcast Boss Girl Creative this weekend while I was out doing Masters Prep errands (its basically when all of Augusta does spring cleaning at once so that you can rent out your house, get tax free money, and get outta town for the winning of the Green Jacket).  And, if you haven’t had my friend’s Green Jacket salad, stop, go make it, and come back!

Anyway, back to the podcast, Taylor was talking about private label rights and how purchasing what other’s create is a thing…but why?  Why not just create it yourself?  Or hire someone to create something specifically for you or your business.

I really don’t blog to make money…even though it is great when I do.  I blog to talk and encourage and share.  It doesn’t have to perfect or top the SEO charts.  That’s why I do what I do.  SEO isn’t the most important thing to me, though if I got more traffic that’d be nice.  But I don’t want to do things on the blog just to chase traffic.  I’ve always wanted my blog to be me.  So, I’m careful about who I let guest blog and what sponsors or ad posts I write.

It is always an important thing to remember in life: why you do what you do.  And stick to it.  Doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to change over time…but always be true to yourself…don’t go chasing traffic.


A Guide to 24 Hours

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A Guide to 24 Hours

24 hours seems like a lot sometimes to me, but other times I’m like – where did it go?

A sweet friend (and reader of this blog) asked me to share what my life is like on a daily basis – especially sharing tips for hanging out with toddlers.  I will just say that I love nap time!  Those precious moment are often my most productive of the day!

Every morning we head out (except when my mister is off).  There is so much to do in the ATL metro area.  We have doughnut day and do grocery shopping. Even though I could save money by going to some places, we choose to go to places that make it easy to shop with toddlers (like Publix and Trader Joes).  We have park days, we have passes to the Zoo and the Children’s Museum, we play with other friends, go to our local library time for toddlers, or run errands.

We usually grab a quick lunch at home or out (very cheap and quick) and then prepare for nap time.  My boys usually take fairly good naps – especially when we do something that expires a lot of energy and they aren’t teething (one of mine is teething right now so that makes for interested sleep schedules.

I’m very grateful for the pass we have to our local gym.  We go every afternoon (except Sunday when they don’t have child care).  My boys grow to love the workers there and enjoy time with friends and the Disney Channel.  I get two hours of exercise, sauna, and quiet time which is great for my body and my sanity.

My husband usually works late hours, so we come home and play in the back yard and eat dinner.  When Daddy is home they get baths and we read a story and put them to bed.  Usually that is it.  But, sometimes we struggle with one of ours with going to bed. He has so much energy!

During the times they are not awake is when I get other things done: quiet time, business, housecleaning.  One thing with housecleaning is I usually do a load of laundry a day so it doesn’t pile up on me.  I also wait until the end of the day to do the dishes. I just pile everything in the sink then it takes me less than 10 minutes to unload, load, and wash anything dishes that won’t go in the sink.  Ten minutes.

When do I work on my business?  Well, currently I work on it during nap time.  I edit photos, write blogs, work on marketing and social media, and also cook during that time (when the lighting is the best).

Being a mom and doing anything else is really tough.  Honestly there are some days, like today, that all I want to do is crawl back in bed (which sometimes is the best thing I can do).  Sometimes I watch a few episodes of whatever television drama I’m sucked in to).

And God knows exactly what you need to get done today – and that’s what you’ll get done.  You don’t have to be super-mom and you don’t have to be perfect at everything.  One question I usually ask at the beginning of the day, or at least a few times a week is to my mister: “what is one thing I can do today that will bless you.”  The answer may be different than you think.

So, here are some simple things to ponder when getting your schedule in order for the day:

1.  What are my priorities today (these may or may not change from day to day)?

2.  In order for my home and loved ones to be loved today – what do I need to do?

3.  How can I take care of myself today?

4.  What does God want to teach me today – to speak to me – to breathe life into me?



Launch // An Important Part of Any New Business

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Small businesses probably make up a lot more of the business world than we would think.  SO many people now go into work for themselves because they like the autonomy of their own hours, the flexibility it provides their families, and you can design your business however you want.

As I finally work on launching my photography business (I’ve been shooting for friends and for my family since about 2005), I have been learning what it takes to get started, especially in a field where everyone believes themselves to be a fabulous photographer.  I’m not a fabulous photographer, but I’m good, I’m growing, and I’m passionate about learning more and constantly growing in my field.

I’ve found one aspect to be especially important: encouragement.  Everyone needs a cheerleader (or more than one would be nice).  It is helpful to surround yourself with people who know your craft, can give you constructive criticism, will help you grow and get better, but also those who believe in you and help push you outside your comfort zone.

I have that one person (outside my husband and parents) who believes me and encourages me every step of the way.  I’ve taken some photos for her and she loves them – always encourages me to be better (I absolutely love shooting with her around because she challenged me).

Who is that one person for you – find that person.  That person will be the biggest blessing to you in your career!