Super Bowl Food

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Wow, it seems like the Super Bowl was so long ago! And it was only Sunday (2 whole days). It is amazing how fleeting things in life are that are totally not important!
I went over to a friend’s house and we both made some stuff we liked, but also picked conferences and made food for that team.
I had the NFC (Saints) and made bourbon chicken (it was sweeter than I wanted it to be, but I have leftovers). Lorrie had the AFC (Colts) and she had oreos (commercials) and Orville Redenbacher – because it is in IN.
The nachos and oreos were fave part for me.

Taste of a Chain Restaurant: Yang Kee Noodle

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Sunday was more than just a day for Super Bowl food (coming later). It was also a day with a neat family at my church and me to go to Yang Kee Noodle.
I would compare this to a Moe’s – for Asian food.
Many different options, gluten-free options, spicy, normal, salads, rice bowls, noodle bowls.
I had the general tso’s chicken. It was good and filling, though not as good as some others I have eaten in the past! Chicken was decently spicy (not enough to make your eyes water or sweat pour down your face) and not heavily fried (which I appreciated).
I didn’t think to ask for brown rice, so I ate half the white rice that was served with it.
For the price, I would rather have gone to PF Changs (my plate of General Tso’s was 899 I think).
But, it was quick with different options. And they didn’t rush you out because you wanted to sit and chat! 🙂 Refillable drinks were also a plus!
Would I go again – yes. Would it become a regular place of mine – probably not. Thankful for the provision of lunch!