Leadership Lesson – Josh Moody

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“What we do tends to be what people follow, and if what we do doesn’t go in step with what we believe, likely as not people will follow what we do rather than what we say we believe.  That’s why you get so many Christian who look like their pastors and sound like their pastors; they are little clones of their leader.  From their mannerisms, you can spot who their leader is if you are familiar with the leader.  so, if you are a leader, you need to watch out for this.”

 Josh Moody, No Other Gospel, pg 97


1.  I knew of a dude in seminary that owned everything that he was aware of that was ever recorded that featured Paige Patterson.

2.  I know of a guy who sounds like David Platt when he prays.

3.  The first time I heard a local pastor preach, I could tell he had lived in John Piper’s basement because his demeanor and hand motions.

4.  There are guys I serve with who have the same hand motions of one of the guys who has been on staff a long time.

5. I was at a Bstudy the other night and when the pastor asked an asst pastor what he thought of a passage, it was exactly what he would have thought.

6.  The name of the curriculum we are working on is called Treasuring Christ – our pastor pretty much got that from a prof in England because he always says it.

I wouldn’t say any of these are bad things; but you can see where the danger would come.  What happens if you behave in such a way that is not painting an accurate picture of Christ’s heart or is not becoming of someone who would claim Christ?  What about people who believe the theology you hold to – and that theology doesn’t line up to the Authority of Scripture?

Josh offers a great leadership principle.  How do you lead with humility knowing that others are watching you and following your example?