Gender Doesn’t Matter

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One of the lines that I have heard recently is Ellen saying “gender doesn’t matter.”  She of course is married to Portia DiRossi and have been touted as the couple for the new millinium.  Not a millinium I want to be a part of.  She may not think that gender matters, but I would like to assure her that it does.

She has no doubt that both her and Portia are female.  They cannot partake in normal sexual relations as God designed sex to be between a husband and a wife.  One wears dresses, one doesn’t.  She sells makeup (as a spokesperson) for a leading makeup company – who sells makeup to clients – mostly who are women.

The latest trend in Hollywood according to CNN is Flexisexuality.   Huh?  (I would advise only watching the video if you are mature enough to handle the topic at hand.)

“You know, its 2011.”.  I know many of the people who I am friends with on facebook are enamored with Grey’s Anatomy.  They support this, many of the stars and songs and movies that are coming out now approach this type of lifestyle with great enthusiasm

Basically, what I hear, is that we don’t want to live within any norms by understanding how God made us, what God made us for, and who God made us to enjoy sexually (our spouses in a lifelong, male/female, God-centered marriage).

I assure you: gender DOES matter.  This video above and what I see happening in our world and what our world portrays as norm grieves me.

1.  God, who is the Creator of the World, designed gender.  He created male.  He created female.  They were both created in the image of God the Creator.  Praise Jesus we are not are men; and praise Jesus we are not all women.

2.  Genders display the beauty of God.  God does everything to display His glory in the world.  Male and female do that.  Marital, faithful, sexual relationships are beautiful (and babies are so darn cute) and just the way He created the complementary physical bodies of males and females are beauty that we need to turn back to praise God, not bring praise to man.

3.  Gender matters in everyday life.  I really think the Bible speaks to this as well.  Throughour Scripture we are told of men working in the fields as providers and women providing a nurturing home environment.  Look at Genesis 2, Prov 31, Ruth, Titus 2.  Lately women ask me or we have a conversation about what it is like being single.  While I love where God has me in life, it is burdensom in ways other than being lonely.  Loneliness is of course something you learn to deal with.  God has created us to be in relationships with others.  I am thankful for the friends that God has placed around me.  But, the other burdensome part of being single is: scraping your own car, paying all the bills yourself, being concerned with your month to month running of the house, worrying about the car, opening the jar of pickles, what happens if something starts leaking.  All these little things.  While taking out the trash is not gender specific by any means – the burden of living life on one’s own…

How will you choose to live in freedom by living according to the restrictions that God gave to us in His Word?

How will you display this in your relationships of the opposite sex?

How will you:

1.  If you are female: adorn the gospel and be distinct from the world?

2.  If you are male: lead lives of humility and servant leadership and masculinity with the strength of Jesus.

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