Sundays in the South

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I know that my babies’ nap times will not last forever, and when they drop those afternoon hours of night night, then we will figure out another schedule.  Right now, I’m sitting with my feet propped up, blogging away, sorting through my bloglovin feed, and watching a few episodes of White Collar.

Here are some links I’ve found this week that I thought you might enjoy.

I love coconut and this recipe comes from a mommy and a great food photographer and blogger and Little Rockian!

One of my favorite bloggers wrote about why she was going to stop blogging – and I still follow her on instagram and her continued journey with food and weight and motherhood.

Microblogging – a new world for social media

Just got a write a book review for this magazine.  Go take a look.

When I was in Arkansas I got hooked up with this great group of women.  I’m now in Georgia and heading it up. If you want to be a part of the Georgia Women bloggers – leave a comment or shoot me an email.