Can Your Home Be Clean in 2017

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The answer to the title of the blog is yes!

I am not the best housekeeper.  In fact, it really isn’t one of the reasons my husband married me.  When I first walked into my boyfriend’s (now husband) home it was spotless.  He was a late 40s bachelor and it was so neat and clean.  Wasn’t dust anywhere, there were no dishes in the sink, I mean seriously, his home was cleaner than the apartment my roommate and I shared.

I come from a home that had some help with the cleaning work because my mom was disabled.  I did grow up doing chores, cooking, folding clothes, etc.  I knew how to keep a house clean, but had never workout at a schedule or read books on the subject.  And I like things clean, but not near as clean as my husband would like things.

Whether you are married or not, I do think that the Bible encourages women to be keepers of the home – making sure your home is tidy, picked up, and hospitable.  Doesn’t mean your home needs to be magazine worthy at all times.  in fact, I think if you have kids, and your home is spotless, it makes it hard for kids to be kids because they might be afraid to get anything dirty.

Dana White, in How to Manage Your Home Without Losing You Mind, encourages women who don’t know a single thing about cleaning their home, to start somewhere!  I think for me it is definitely too basic.  But, I do like how she takes the thoughts that we have and helps us move to actions.

One thing that I do love that she emphasizes is “That’s all that matters: finding what works in your home for your unique family.”  What I like to tell other wives and young moms: ask your husband what is most important to him in a home – and do that first.  For my husband: he wants things decluttered and the clothes washed and food.  So I try to do those things then work out time to do everything else.

No matter where you fall in the realm of tidy or slob – we all are given much to take care of – and we need to be good stewards.  That possibly means doing the dishes!

If you would like to win a copy of this book – just leave a comment with your least favorite chore to do.  Mine: cleaning the showers.

Thanks to Tommy Nelson for  this book and the giveaway copy.  All opinions are my own.