Teaching Children about the Ark

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I love animals.  My boys love animals.  We got to the zoo several times per month.  We had pets growing up.  I’m all for the humane treatment of animals.

Noah’s ark is not primarily about animals.  Basically every children’s book or nursery theme I’ve ever seen about Noah is about the animals.  Even songs that we sang at church camp are about the animals.

The main point of the Biblical account of the story of Noah is how God punished sin and showed mercy to sinners by sheltering them in the ark from his wrath.  Yes, God commanded Noah and his family to bring in the animals.  That was another part of God’s mercy to His creation.

The story is about God’s kindness to sinners (Noah’s family) and his judgment on the world because of their sin.  It has about his promise to sinners by revealing to us a rainbow – to remind himself that he promised never to flood the earth again.  Its not primarily about the animals.

That being said, Tommy Nelson sent me a book, Noah’s Noisy Zoo, and the way the board book fits together is adorable.  You can make all sorts of animal noises with your toddlers as you read it to them.  But, parents – no matter old your children are, please do not end the story of Noah and the ark with the animals.