Baby Emmy

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I had the privilege of spending the day with this little bundle of pink, her mama, and her extended family this week.  I’ve known here Mama now for 17 years in January.  We’ve studied and cooked together, lived in the same dorm together, taken many midnight walks together, rode bikes together, been across the world together. We used to be neighbors in ATL, but now we live just a couple hours apart.

Our kids are like siblings – where most of the time they get along.  Can’t wait to watch this little one grow.

Here are just some of her session with me that day.  You are loved, baby Emmy.

Bonnie – On A Journey

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I had the fun privilege of taking some fitness-lifestyle journey photos of my friend Bonnie.  She has done a great job of losing weight and looking great and exercising, so we went to West Point on the Eno near our homes and got some fun Fall photos in a new outfit!  And yes, those are the great JCrew peep-toe heels that I love so much.  They were too big for her but you can’t tell that in the pictures!

Keep up the good work Bonnie.  🙂