Lavish Hospitality 22

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I am a better multitasker than my husband.  He will definitely admit this.  Usually I think this is a positive trait – and it certainly comes in handy since we have littles.  But, I don’t know if it is always the best way to be hospitable.

When we have guests in our home I am often running around finishing a meal, setting the table, making sure my children are behaving, etc.

Here’s what I long to be: I long to be so well organized and hospitable that I can stop doing whatever it is I’m doing and pay attention.  Like deep attention. Not creepy stalker attention, but God-like attention.

I want to pay attention to my husband.

I want to pay attention to my children.

I want to pay attention to my friends.

In our technology-infused world this is hard.  I can be listening to my husband, reading a text, and cooking dinner all at the same time. And truthfully, I head what he is saying and can repeat it back to him.  But, that isn’t hospitable attention.

How can we savor our relationships so that we delight in giving them our full attention?

Quote from Mike Cosper’s Recapturing the Wonder