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stefani thompson


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Beautiful parks

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Savannah GA

Savannah GA

Beautiful parks

Savannah, GA

It is no secret that I love the Southeast, the coast, the beach, history, nature, style, great food…so why wouldn’t I love Savannah, GA?  Savannah is a town that has everything you need (or can find it within a short distance).  My friend, Stefani, is a fabulous young photographer.  I got to know Stefani back when I lived in Louisville through my then future boss in Raleigh.  Crazy connections.  I’ve seen Stefani grow in her photography skills and she is now featured in The Sunshine Mag – a new online magazine.  I thought I would feature her on here because I love her creativity, her heart for learning her craft, and would use her anytime to photograph anything!

How did you find your love for photography?
My first camera was a toy camera that used real film, 110 film to be exact. It wasn’t until I was about 14 years old that I picked up my mom’s nice camera and started teaching myself how to use it. It was also about this time that I started to write poetry and journal incessantly. So, ultimately, my love for photography originated from my love for journaling. Photography is really my public journal in picture form. I want the viewer to see what I see when they look at my pictures.

Why Savannah?  savannah steeple

Savannah is such a unique city–a beautiful, historic city off of the Atlantic coast. One of my favorite things about Savannah is the diversity in culture. Between Savannah folk, SCAD students, and the constant flow of tourists there is always a wide range of culture. Sometimes it is seems surreal that I live in such a beautiful place. I love the quaint coffee shops, the historic architecture, the coastal climate, the broad art community, and the people. Savannah is a great place to be an aspiring photographer and I am very thankful to call it home!

How do you incorporate your love for God in your photography?

Ultimately, I want peoples focus to be on God. Even when I capture beauty in creation or something by created man’s hands, I want people to see The Creator and not just the creation. My desire is that my love for God will flow out through my photography.

What are your future dreams?  

I would say I have a lot of ideas, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them dreams. Though any future desires I have may be biblical I know that God is the absolute planner of my steps (James 4:13-15). That being said, I would like to finish my bachelor’s degree, while I continue to seek ways to use my photography in missions, ministry or in any other ways that furthers the gospel. Even though my photography feels like the here and now to me, I am pressing forward always trying to improve on the talents God has given me for His glory. I am not necessarily looking at photography as a career, but a way to serve the Lord.

What is one piece of advice for others who want to be creative with their camera?

I think it is essential to know and learn how to use your camera. Seek out quality classes in your community, get to know photographers, and most importantly, practice. If possible, switch to the manual setting and take time to learn it, the more practice the easier it will be to get the picture you want.

My Back in the Day Visit

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For about two years now I’ve wanted to hop in a car, drive to Savannah, and sit down in a  little bakery that boasts of great bread and antique cookery.  Finally, I did it.  And unfortunately it was one of the hottest days in Savannah and I was almost 8 months pregnant, but the food and company was well worth it.

The co-owner was sincere and cared about her customers.  The menu was not extensive so they specialized in what they made: great homemade sandwiches on fresh baked breads, and delicious desserts (and though we weren’t there for breakfast, I know from personal experience how great their morning goodies are).  The decor matched its name “Back in the Day” with antiques and mid-20th century kitchen finds. 

I split the Super Chicken sandwich with E.  Then we also split the bourbon bread pudding (to quote my husband, it was the best vread pudding he has ever had), and I took a few bites of my friend’s Coconut Cream Pie. 

Here are some of the pictures from the day.  Enjoy – and next time you are in Savannah, this is a must-stop!










Much & Link Love – Final 2010

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Well, here we are, last week of 2010. How has your 2010 been? Everything you wanted it to be and more? Not quite what you expected? Heartache? Disappointment? Unexpected joys? Tears? Laughter? All of the above? 2010 was different for me, grand, but very tough in some areas. 2011…who knows what it will bring, but that’s for another post.

1. When will I ever stop trying to measure up to some people’s expectations of me?
2. I love seeing old, and dear, friends.
3. Hit the ground, running!
4. I love hearing people’s heartbeats for their city: like these people who love the Bull Street City.
5. Country music helps me make it through long drives on 95!
6. There are dear friends in my life, these are the friends that you don’t have to see every day or talk to every day, but your life would be no where near the same without them, they are ones you call out to if you need ANYTHING!!! Two such couples are Brad and Lindsay Weldy and Clarissa and Bob Bacon. Love them! God is so gracious to me.
7. The sunrise was beautiful this morning.
8. I had a white boxing day, though I had a 70 degree Florida Christmas. Thankful for the break.
9. This week: reading Radical and Death by Love.

1. Love Mark Hall and this song makes more sense now that I know it is a poem.
2. Most of you may not know who Danny Franks is, but you need to know him and his sense of humor.
3. I will need this every Thursday in 2011.
4. Do you never ask God for more patience? If you don’t, then you don’t need to read this. For the rest of us, check this out by Resurgence.
5. For all you crafty people out there, what to do with all those Christmas cards?

I hope everyone enjoyed a very Merry Christmas, the snow, the sun (depending on what part of the world you live in), and will have a very Happy New Year later this week. I know God is good to me (Psalm 84:11) and that is why I anticipate the new year!

much love – kd