Life Change in Your Kids (Bible Giveaway)

As a parent, I love both of my boys, but I long to see lasting change in their behavior and heart.  But, I’ve realized in a very short period of time that I can’t change their hearts – only God can.

One of the ways that God changes hearts is by the Word of God.  And it is very important as parents who love the Lord to help instill in our children a love for the Word.  I know they won’t love the Word unless God saves them, but we can work on creating moments where they Word gets in them and the Word works in their hearts.

Tommy Nelson just put out a new study Bible for kids (8-12) and I think its awesome. They gave me this Bible as a part of Tommy Nelson Mommies and are giving you a chance to win won too! It is in the NKJV and that is readable and understandable while still sticking to the languages pretty well.  It has bold colors and a style that pre-teens will like  Easy thumb tabs built in to the pages so the books are easy to find.  Has application points that are geared toward pre-teens.  Has further study points throughout the Bible that will help kids learn more about God’s will for their lives.

The Bible is living and active and life-changing.  Get it into your kids’ lives and hearts.

If you would like to win won, comment with your favorite verse that you like to pour into your pre-teens, or kids of any age.