31Days: New Appreciation (13)

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I get to brag today.  I get to brag on my sweet husband.  I had to spend the night without him because he was/is at an Elder’s retreat.

As our pastor’s wives shared about their wonderful husbands – it gave me much more of an appreciation for mine.  I love bragging on him  – because he is absolutely wonderful.

1.  He is super humble.  Really – he puts me and baby Eli above himself at all times – even waking up at 4am to clean a poopy diaper.

2.  He serves me well.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times he did the dishes or cleaned up “morning sickness” during the pregnancy.  And he was a trooper during delivery – serving me by holding my hand and letting me crush his long piano-playing fingers.

3.  He loves Jesus.  He pursues holiness and loves the Bride.  He evidences the gospel to me – he reflects Christ so well.

4.  He is the man I respect more than any other in the world.  He not only must have my respect because he is my husband, but he also has my respect because he has earned it!

5.  He knows how to love me well.  In the year that we’ve been married he has learned how I receive love and nourishes me that way.  He hears my cries and dries my tears.  I look into his eyes and find peace.  That was especially true when I was in delivery.  My midwife said to think of something peaceful: I looked at E and said “he is my something peaceful” – yes, that was the sappiest time of delivery. 🙂  But, so true.

Dear sweet, Mr. Campbell – I love you.  So glad I get to do this thing called life with you.  My God has been very gracious to me in giving me you – and I look forward to the journey.