31Days: New Thoughts on Compassion

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My pastor is about to wind up a series on Jonah.  True, we’ve only caught one of the sermons, but yesterday was a bit on compassion.  My hubs chose to put in Compassion Hymn into the service and it fit perfectly.

As I thought about who I needed to show compassion to, I thought to my sweet little boy (and husband).  Since I am not a covenantal thealogian (meaning, I do not believe that simply because Eric and I are elect believers that our son is one as well), I believe that my son is lost.  He needs Jesus.  I need to show him compassion.  I need to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit to him: patience, gentleness, kindess, etc.

I also need to show comapssion on my husband.  I am not the only one who has gone through my change.  He seldom gets more than 7 hours of sleep in a row.  He doesn’t have a really clean house anymore (I’m working on that schedule).  He started a new ministry in a new state.  He needs his wife to show him compassion just as he has been gracious to show much of it to me.