31Days: New Service (and wrap-up) – (31)

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Want to write a quick note to the wives out there.  Do you know what you do that pleases your husband – or what would please your husband?

Here is a simple thing:

My husband likes the bed made.  Since he told me that that one act of service makes him smile for the day – I have tried to do it every day.  There are a few days when E makes it, but that is a blessing to me.  He knows that if he were gone for a week, I probably wouldn’t make the bed until the day he returned.  That is why he knows it is a sacrifice for me – to do something that doesn’t matter at all to me – and does matter to him.

Here has been my thought lately – if I know of something I could do that would totally bless my husband (and is not sin), and I fail or choose not to do it – for me that is sin.

What is something you could do today that would bless your husband?


I’ve enjoyed being creative in thinking about the daily stuff to write these 31 posts.  I’ve also had to cheat a few days and write two on one day.  But, I learned that while writing is important to me, spending time with my family is more so.

As I begin the month of November to try to write a James Bible study for women, I hope I can remember grace in the midst of the goal.