Name Above All Names (Review and Book Study Coming)

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Jesus.  What’s in a name?

This is the most important name to us Christians – the one that our entire Hope lies in.  Begg and Ferguson, some of my favorite preachers, have teamed up to write a fabulous and readable book that studies some of the positions/names of Jesus.

I chose this book from Crossway this month because of the authors, but I was afraid it was going to be over my head or not really readable and applicable.  I was wrong on both acccounts.  They have made this book not only applicable but funny in places.

One of the underlying messages throughout this book is that Jesus is the center message of the entire Bible – and Jesus needs to be the center of your life.

So what about this special book study coming?  In the past I’ve had a full-time job writing curriculum for a church.  This is the book we are starting with!  This will be a 7 week series, so it should finish by the time some schools/home schools start back.  It will begin JULY 15 so it gives you plenty of time to get the book.  We’ll read a chapter per week and then have study questions here, some thoughts from my reading, and opportunities for you to comment on the blog and join in on the study.  This is sort of like Tim Challies’ Reading the Classics together.  I hope to have a blog button up soon so you can have it on your blog or facebook.  I’m really looking forward to studying this book together with yall and see how we grow in our knowledge of the Savior.  Oh, and this will be geared toward women only).

So, go buy the book and get ready to learn more about our Great Savior!