31 Days: Quotes (Day 2)

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Rest in Him

Multi-tasking, calendars (whether electronic or the old fashioned way), waiting in lines, instant gratification…all of these things point to the business in our lives. This can also apply in a sense to our spiritual lives as well. One of my pastors used to say most religions are spelled DO while Christianity (life in Christ) is spelled DONE. What do you spend your time doing in order to earn God’s approval?

Today’s quote comes from an Elyse Fitzpatrick book I’ve been reading Comforts from Romans. Such hard truth to rest in as we persevere and live with joy this Christian life.

“Will you rest in the righteousness of God bestowed on you simply because you believe, or will you determine to try harder so that you can approve of yourself and earn God’s favor?”

“ReturnĀ O my soul to your rest, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.”
Psalm 116.7


  1. Becky Arnold

    Love this quote! I’ve had several discussions lately about BEING, not DOING……it’s about ABIDING. Thanks for the post.