What’s Eatin’?

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What's Eatin?

What to do when the weather prevents you from getting to the grocery store like you had planned?  Alter your menu for the week!

I’ve talked before about cutting back on our family’s food budget, so I’m looking forward to the challenge.  My husband works hard to provide for our family.  I want to be able to make nice meals for when we have company, showing the extravagant hospitality of our loving Father (not to put forth rich food, but not wanting just to slap something together either), and I want to make healthy but not expensive meals for our family.

Monday: Last night was the storm of sleet.  So, we are unable to get out to the grocery store today.  So, going with what we have here at the house.  Chicken Salad salads and Heath Bar Blondies by ELR.

Tuesday: We are going to Longhorn’s with a gift card from friends.  Can’t wait for a date night!

Wednesday: This delicious parmesan white bean stew from How Sweet It Is.

Thursday: Turkey Bacon, Pancakes for brinner.

Friday: I’m taking dinner to my friend and her family and the main part will be this Italian Chicken and Rice casserole – slightly tweaked.  We’ll see how the finished product turns out.

Saturday: we will for sure have some leftovers that we will be eating

Sunday: again, leftovers or sandwiches or brinner or brunch.