Glory and Grace: Psalm 77:1-3

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Psalm 77 - He hears our prayers

I yell out to my God, I yell with all my might,
I yell at the top of my lungs.

He listens.

Psalm 77:1 – the Message

Do you know and understand and realize and stake claim to the fact that the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE, the One who was before anything else ever came on the scene, the One who just spoke and everything came into existence – that God is the one who hears your prayers?

Shouldn’t that cause us to pray all the time – to seek him when we are troubled and scared and nervous and wondering what to do? ┬áHe delights in us and desires us – and hears us!

And he would listen to us even if all we could muster up was a quiet whisper in the middle of the night.