Blogtember: What is this blog thing about?

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Blog College

If you are new to this blog (I’ve been doing it ten years), then this one picture will tell you almost everything that I’m about:

  1.  My misters: Eric, and my two littles who are full of energy.  I love to write about them and our adventures – but also love to write about marriage, parenting, shepherding children, books and resources that will help these relationships, and how to pray for your spouse and children.
  2. I love to share my photography – which is the picture of my sweet friend Leyna and her little girl M.  This was a mother’s day shoot.  I love capturing mommies with their littles.  And love, food, and other portraits.
  3. Food: I love cooking, baking, and sharing those recipes with you.
  4. The Gospel – the most important relationship is with Jesus and I hope you will find that in most of my blog posts.  The gospel infiltrates all of life!