Blogtember: Current 24

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24 Day

Every time I see the number 24, I think of the TV hit show. And I never even watched it.  But, funny thing what advertising does to your brain!

My days start early (around 6).  Most days I go to my nearby McDonald’s for unsweet tea and time with Jesus.  I’m so thankful my husband gets to sleep in, then he gets the boys up and dressed and then plays with them.

830 we do breakfast altogether.  We may not always eat the same thing – but we do try to eat together.

915 – most days he leaves for work and we are off to do errands or play dates or travel fun. Mondays are donut day, trader joes, and the mcd’s play place if everyone has had an obedient morning.

The above will slightly change next week – as life is always changing – our older son starts preschool for 3yo at a great local elementary school  He has to be there by 750 – he’s not even up most mornings by 750.  Then he’ll get done at noon.  So, I think we are going to switch donut day to Saturdays and go to Trader Joes after he gets out of school on Mondays to see our favorite TJ people.

Then we eat lunch and both boys (right now at least) are down for 2-3 hours for an afternoon nap.

Then we usually watch Dinosaurs or Bob the Builder and head to the gym about 4.  Sometimes we drive around and look at the school buses, bulldozers, planes, and trains.  Maybe even stop in and get a free jr frosty.

We get done with the gym usually by 630 and eat dinner, then read and wash up and change diapers to go to bed.  I love reading with my boys.  I read with each one of them seperately.  Tonight it was the Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton for the little one and Apples Up On Top for the older

Then some days my mister is already home and we eat dinner, watch a favorite show, a documentary, or just crash.  Somedays, like tonight, he doesn’t get home until 830 so I clean or blog or watch one of my shows.

During their nap time is when I blog, cook, clean, fold clothes, be creative, email, write book reviews, read, etc.  I love that time and don’t know what I’ll do when they stop taking their naps.  And I love my early morning time.

Usually we go to bed anywhere between 10-12, but lately its been 9 because the days have been long.

Blogtember: Creative Ventures and Dreams

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Oh this is such a happy day on the blogtember challenge.  Its where I get to talk about creativity!

God made us in His Image and He is a creator.  While we don’t get to be a creator – because we can’t create out of nothing – we aren’t God – we still have a bent toward the creative.  And I love that.  I love taking the every day and making it creative.

Food: we all have to eat.  My motto: “everything important happens around a table”  And why not make it fun? I love making meals for people, baking special treats for celebrations and my men, and making hospitality even better with good food.  My Dream: to be published on Food Gawker, have a cookbook published one day, and share recipes and desire to cook for your families.

Naked Cake with Fruit

Pray Names: These are name art pieces that I do for people (completely customized) where I get to pray over the person I’m doing it for – as I’m doing it.  I just did the ones for my sons – and that was special.  I shared our older son’s prayer on the blog last week and I’ll share our younger son’s prayer when it is his birthday next month.  I love doing this for people either for births, weddings, adoptions, or special times within the life of the family.  My Dream: to get the word into people’s homes.  This is completely by donation.  I never charge a set amount (over supplies and shipping).

Pray Names

Photography: I’ve loved photography ever since I can remember, which is probably middle school.  I was the class historian for our high school and now I love capturing memories for people (and food and nature of course).  You can see more of my work here.  My Dream: to consistently improve in this area, earn money from it to help our family, and to capture memories for you and our family.

kcreatives newborn

Illustrated Faith: I love sitting down with my Bible and some pens and being able to meditate on what the Word is saying and coloring at the same time.  Different verses will come alive in different ways depending on how you draw them.  The Spirit speaks through His Word.  My Dream: To motivate other woman to get creative while reading their Bible.

Oaks of Righteousness

Writing: I’ve written some prayer resources that you can find here and I’m working on a daily devotional for moms.  I can’t wait to get that to yall!  And I write here, at Ungrind, Her View From Home, and other random places on the internet from time to time.  My Dream: to be published by Crossway at some point in my life.  And to write like Elyse Fitzpatrick

Coffee With: On the blog I love being able to introduce you to creatives that do creative things.  All creatives are normal people, some drink coffee, some run, some are married – all are creative.  I’ve been doing a series that I ask questions, give you insight into them, and let you see their work.  My Dream: keep doing it.  Have more creatives to introduce you to and keep community and ideas and encouragement happening.

Blogtember: The Best Day

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best day

Oh my goodness – this is like picking your favorite book – I have no clue how to narrow down the best day.

Ok – ready – here you go…

It was 10.9.11.  Yup – that’s right, the day after our wedding.

Of course I loved the day we got married…being surrounded by our friends and family, the engaging, expressive, full on worship we had during our ceremony, being prayed over by sweet friends and mentors, eating yummy cake, staying at the amazing Washington Duke Inn.

But the day after…you aren’t really concerned about anything.  You are just living life – with no one contacting you, or concerned with wedding details, or guests questions, or how your hair looks.  I was no longer concerned with what is my husband going to think when he wakes up to me and my hair isn’t perfect and my breath stinks.  I was no longer worried about the first night of sex (we had waited until our wedding night to have sex, and it was worth the wait).

We sat there changing our facebook statuses, looking at pictures, reading the paper, getting delicious amazing food delivered by room service, I remember the grilled salmon salad.  We watched movies.  We just relaxed.  It was wonderful.  We didn’t have to hurry off to our honeymoon destination (we ended up leaving the next day to start our 2 week road trip up the East Coast and into Canada).

I loved just being with my mister.  And he was then MY Mister.  So, if any of you are getting married – just wait until the day after – when all the stress is gone.  Wedding weekends are stressful, emotional, full of tears and joy, and amazing – but the day after—there you got it!

This picture was taken by our friend Erica Cooper – and no, we were not kissing in this photo – you’ll just have to trust me on that one!

Blogtember: What is this blog thing about?

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Blog College

If you are new to this blog (I’ve been doing it ten years), then this one picture will tell you almost everything that I’m about:

  1.  My misters: Eric, and my two littles who are full of energy.  I love to write about them and our adventures – but also love to write about marriage, parenting, shepherding children, books and resources that will help these relationships, and how to pray for your spouse and children.
  2. I love to share my photography – which is the picture of my sweet friend Leyna and her little girl M.  This was a mother’s day shoot.  I love capturing mommies with their littles.  And love, food, and other portraits.
  3. Food: I love cooking, baking, and sharing those recipes with you.
  4. The Gospel – the most important relationship is with Jesus and I hope you will find that in most of my blog posts.  The gospel infiltrates all of life!

Blogtember: My Ideal Day

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St Simons Lighthouse

I love writing prompts.  Sometimes all you need is a little shove in the right direction to get the writing juices flowing.

All month long I’m participating in Blogtember – so follow along, and go encourage other bloggers.

My ideal day.  Well, the main components would be water, my misters, and no sin.

Two I think I can get this side of heaven, the third one – well, heaven is coming one day.  Sin just messes everything up, right?

First, the water.  I think I would wake up (after a long night’s rest of perfect quietness (well, maybe the sound of ocean waves) and kiss the three most important men in my life.  I would curl up with all three of them in a king size bed with a white duvet and have breakfast in bed (that I didn’t have to make).  Coffee pour over for my mister, apple juice for my little misters, and diet coke for me.  Then we would journey to be a big wrap around porch located on the coast.  So, that the little misters could run around and love running and the mister and I could snuggle on a porch swing while watching the waves.  Then we would all go journey together on the coast.

We would eat lunch at a quaint local place featuring some of the best seafood ever and then lick our lips while eating ice cream cones piled high with textured ice cream (like ice cream with nuts, chocolate, brownie pieces, caramel, something).  Then the boys would get a babysitter the rest of the day.

My mister and I would wander around said beach town, holding hands, having afternoon coffee with sweet friends of ours that came in to town just to encourage us and hang out, go one a photo walk with said couple and take photos of whatever our heart’s desired, then we would find a nice place to have dinner on the beach.  Maybe a picnic, maybe a fun steakhouse.  Then we would just walk and talk – like we did when we didn’t have kids.  Hard to do when you have littles who are asleep – you can’t quite leave the house.

So, like I said, it would include water…the misters…and well, maybe good food and good friends, too!