Kids and Christmas (and a book giveaway)

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Christmas Prayer Giveaway

Well, most of the turkey in your fridges is probably eaten – we have some about to get into a casserole for lunch tomorrow. You may have some pie left – but I guarantee if it is good pie than it is already gone.  We have one piece left, but I’m sure my mister will eat that when he gets home in a few.

But, now we move on to Christmas. Some of you have already been playing carols in your car.  My mister starts listening to Christmas music in the summer because he always puts together the Christmas cantata at our church so he needs to know the music before Thanksgiving.  There are only a few Christmas cds that I can listen to all year, but mostly I just listen to them in December.

This year I’ve been receiving texts from friends asking what we are going to do with our boys and Santa.  I give them what we are doing – and then couch it all in – Bring Christmas back to Jesus where it belongs.  No matter what you do with Santa.

Tommy Nelson has a new book out for Christmas and your preschoolers this year.  I was reading through it with mine tonight and it really has some good illustrations to help you tell the Christmas story – couched in many of the things we know and experience about Christmas. It helps us to continue thanksgiving into the holiday season of Christmas.  I love how it talks about snow and forgiveness.  And even our warm beds and the manger.  This book leaves a little bit to be desired in its depth of Christmas.  It is a little generic, maybe secularized or weak so as not to offend, which can lead to a false theology of Christmas.  Its missing a specific reference to why Jesus had to come to earth. The parent would have to further explain more to their children about what Christmas is – but it is a good start.

You too can read this book to your child. All you have to do to win it is tell me what is something you are looking forward to doing with your kids this Christmas.  We are going to ride the Pink Pig at a mall in ATL – a long-standing tradition for many Atlantans.  And we are going to start making a Happy Birthday Jesus Cake.

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  1. Tasya

    I’m looking forward to seeing his eyes light up as he sees all things Christmas. We also plan on continuing my childhood tradition of a Happy Birthday Jesus cake, complete with the manger topper from when I was a child.

  2. Ronda

    We are doing some advent activities and readings now that our oldest is two. Looking forward to seeing how she takes it all in this season now that she can understand more!

  3. Jena-Marie

    Ah. It’s my favorite time of year. And we have so many fun things planned. But 1 thing I’m super excited about is a cookie decorating get together with a bunch of moms & preschoolers who live in the city and have become friends with over the last couple years!

  4. Becky

    I’m looking forward to driving around the city with our kids looking at Christmas lights, decorating Christmas cookies and reading Bible stories as a family. Baking a birthday cake and deciding what ways (gifts) we want to serve Jesus as a family this year. We have a Jesus stocking and write our family goals and gifts each year to the Lord and put it in the stocking to look back and remember each year.

  5. Lauren H

    We’re looking forward to the Family Christmas celebration on a Sunday night at our church. Kate loves singing and will be able to enjoy the singing even though she is still too young to understand the lyrics.

  6. Bonnie

    We had to start one tradition a few days early this year, but we always go to the Raleigh farmers market for our tree and have lunch at the restaurant there. Due to traveling, we did it early this year. Sophia was previous! She is loving the lights!! We’re still thinking of things we can start with her this year even though she won’t remember it yet. 🙂

  7. Maria

    I’m looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree with the kids!