Always Grace (Book Giveaway)

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Always Grace

One of the sentences I most say in life is “I’m sorry.” Well, maybe sometimes I insert,”I’m such a failure.”  This is so true in my marriage and parenting.  This parenting this is so difficult most of the time!

But, then I come to the title of a book (you can win one, stay tuned) – Grace for the Moment.  How crucial is this to remember.  I grew up on Max Lucado (in my spiritual walk I mean.)  I started reading his books in late middle school and read them all the way through seminary.  Still one of my favorite books on the incarnation is God Came Near.  And that incarnation is what makes God’s grace so real to us because that was God the Father’s best gift.

One of the areas I need most encouragement in is my communication with my boys.  As God speaks his grace to us, to my soul, I can therefore speak it to my boys, who are sinners and desperately need to hear God’s grace and truth in their souls.  This set from Max, including Grace for the Moment for Kids is a great way to fill your soul with a quick daily devotional (because all moms will tell you that one of the hardest things is to get prolonged quality time in the Word) and then read something similar on the same day to your kids.  That way you are filling your soul with similar truths!  How perfect for family devotionals.  This is a great devo for older children and has some practical applications for them to live out the truth they just learned.

Here is how you can win this set of books – perfect for starting out the new year with truth from God’s Word: tell me one thing you are looking forward to doing with your kids in the new year.  Me: cooking more for them instead of always grabbing fast food in the car.  Thanks Tommy Nelson Mommies for hosting this giveaway and for my free books!

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  1. Kim McKeel

    Well my kids are grown – youngest one just turned 20. You think you are done but once a mom always a mom. The role changes but it does not end. So for 2016 I look forward to praying for my boys who are now men. That they will love the Lord will all their heart – that they will seek his will for their lives and for their families – that they will use their gifts to serve him, that they will lead their families well and the list goes on.. And then come the grandchildren – just an extension of the love you have for your kids and for the excitement and blessing they will experience as parents themselves. So the need for prayer is never ending and I am thankful for the opportunity and privilege to pray for (and also with) my kids in the new year.

  2. Keri

    Such a good reminder- I daily am needing grace! Lately, I have really tried to focus on showing more grace to my kids in the little moments of the day.

  3. Diane Estrella

    A family vacation. Hopefully somewhere warm and near a beach! Can’t wait!!!