Christ, not prayer, is the answer

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I love church signs.  You can either think that is sarcastic or true – whichever.

But, I passed one today and it said “prayer is the answer”.  I thought to myself.  No, Christ is the answer.

Here’s my thought.  If we tell people all they have to do is pray, everything will work out right, then that really isn’t the right answer.  We do need to pray – Christ models it and commands it.  We need to pray biblically-centered prayers.  We need to know the Word and pray it back to the Father through the Son by the power and intercession of the Holy Spirit.  But, our works, prayer, isn’t the answer to any of our problems.

The one who is our Brother and Intercessory Prayer partner is the answer.  All of God’s promises to us are yes in Christ Jesus.  So, we need to pray – but rest all of our hope in the Christ who answers according to His Father’s will.

I’ve been a believer for a long time now, and Max Lucado has been influential in my growth.  I read most of his earlier books when I was in high school and college.  I have his children’s books and read them to our boys.  And now, he has come out with a set of prayer books that have prayers that are guided by the Word.  You have ones for military families, mommas, dads, friends, graduates, etc.  I love how you can give these out to people, be a blessing.  You can also have them to read in a quick moment and focus your mind (through prayer) on Christ!

I gave away the military one to some sweet ministry friends of ours who live in south Florida.  They are about to have their second baby.

I gave away the teacher one to a mom of 3 boys and a preschool teacher.

I am giving away the Dad one to my husband on Father’s Day.

I gave away the moms one to a sweet friend in our church who is about to have their first baby girl

Thank you Litfuse for sending these to me.  All opinions are my own.