What I’m Learning About Forgiveness

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Don’t we all think we are pretty good at forgiveness – or is that just me?

I am learning I stink at it – truly.

Most of the time.

The Bible says that “While we were still in our sin (we hadn’t said I’m sorry, will you forgive me), Christ died for us.”

Here’s what has been in my head, the Spirit has been working in my heart, and I’m still not there yet.  All I can ask of the Lord is that He would continue to work forgiveness in me.

I’m really good at forgiveness when someone asks me to forgive them.  I’m all about it.  No matter the sin.  Because, I’ve been forgiven much so I need to forgive.  Christ has done so much to forgive me, I have no right to leave the door shut to others.

Oh, but wait…what happens if others don’t ask forgiveness.  What happens if someone has said something that has hurt me to the core, and they won’t ask forgiveness because they don’t know they’ve hurt me.  What happens if someone has hurt me, and they don’t think that it should have hurt, so they don’t need to ask forgiveness.  What happens if someone hurts my husband, therefore hurting me, but has yet to ask forgiveness?

Will I mend bridges?  Will I sulk?  Will I forgive them no matter the personal cost to myself?  Will I truly believe and act in a way that communicates gospel reconciliation, even when it hurts me so much.

That is what I’m working on folks.  That is what the Spirit shows me all the time.  I want a heart that pleases Him, not one that holds on to bitterness and grudges.