A Useful Tool to Help Kids Get the Gospel

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I love NCIS.  Longmire.  CSI.  Law & Order (back in the day).  Blue Bloods.  Leverage.  I love crime shows that usually get solved in a short amount of time.  They take finding clues and knowing how to interpret those clues.

In some ways, the Gospel is the same.  Faith is given to us.  It is a gift from the Spirit.  But, we can also investigate and prove true the claims of Christ.  We can know that Jesus really existed, died, and rose again.  And we can teach our kids something similar.

We still need to pray that they would indeed be given grace and faith to understand and love and surrender to Jesus and the Gospel.  But, giving them tools to understand the gospel and know it is super helpful.

Cold Case Christianity is a new book that will be helpful in teaching your kids, I’d say especially boys before they reach the teenage years.  It has help from a real detective and a real believer, with good diagrams and helpful questions for them to ask questions about Jesus for themselves.

This will encourage them in their walks with Jesus.

Thank you Litfuse for sending me the book.  All opinions are my own.