A Momma’s Prayer to Her Two-Year Old

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Little Turns Two

My little little turned 2 today – at 830 this morning. He is full on with all of life – from his runs and hugs and drinking his juice to his temper tantrums.A Prayer for My LittleSo, I did a praynames for him a few weeks ago.  Here is what is surrounding that given name of his:


we take great delight in the wonderful son you gave us in young Sebastian.

We cling to the truth that you have made him in your image for your great glory.

As we watch him grow and jump and lead and love – I pray that you will take and use them to

bring glory to your great name in all the world.

We desire above all else for you to receive forever glory from his life.

I trust you that you will save him and give him a new heart of flesh – one that beats for you and you alone.

He desires closeness and companionship.  I pray that he would grow in his friendship with you

through the Word, worship, and prayer.

I pray that he would develop close friendships with others who delight in you.

Yes Lord, I trust that you will develop his natural abilities and leadership into traits

that are used to shine Jesus in all the world.

And that one day he would be an exemplary husband and daddy

who shows the grace of Christ to his wife, his littles, his neighbors, and the world

for your great name!


Little S – I love you.  I’m glad you are ours.  I pray that God would grip your heart little man.  Happy 2nd!


Teaching Young Boys How to Be Men

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Building God's Kingdom: Tipper Tells a Lie, Andy Holmes

My life is full of balls, choo-choos, and bulldozers.  If you are a mom of young boys, you know what I’m talking about.  I live in the Atlanta area and many times a week I’m driving around specifically going to the site of the new Braves stadium just because my son wants to see the bulldozers.  He squeals with much delight.

So, when I saw these books (a new series) by Tommy Nelson for young boys featuring bulldozers and other machines – I knew my older son would love them.  And what is better yet, they teach them morals: not to lie, telling the truth, etc.  And these are great qualities for young boys – who want to grow to be men.

When I’m training my little boys – I want to train them up in the Gospel – for sure (which is where I think these little books lack), but I also want to train them in good morals in ways they can grow to be men.  Telling the truth and being honest is definitely something God desires and a trait they should have their entire lives.  Another trait I want to teach them is to be gentle and to be good stewards of their toys and possessions.  This is something that God told Adam in the Garden – to tend the garden and take care of it.

Do you have young boys – how do you teach your young boys to be young men?  To teach them morals?

If you do have little boys who love bulldozers or cranes, etc, and you want to win your own set of these books – then just leave a comment on the blog or on facebook and you will be entered.

Thank you Tommy Nelson for these books (all opinions are my own) and for giving an opportunity to win them!

Toddlers and Edible Finger Paint

Edible Finger Paint

Combining two of my loves – my boys and food.  What could be greater?

Usually we go go go out of the house, but when Daddy is home, we like to chill and do something fun together.  So, I saw a post from a NC blogger and new that if I could talk my Mister into it, then we would be doing this.  My Mister loves to be neat and not get messy, but I convinced him to put aside his neat and tidy ways to let us all have some fun and then we would dump our boys into the bath!  So, an adventurous morning we had!


My boys are all boys  – which obviously that morning didn’t involve finger painting.  What did they do?  They headed straight for the rocks.  That is all they cared about.  So, bring on more rocks!


With this edible finger paint – you don’t get art (because it doesn’t harden) but you do get fun times in the back yard!

Items you need:

Small containers to put the finger paint in (I used tupperware small square containers)

Sweetened condensed milk

Food coloring

Newspaper or tarp of some sort

Diapered kids (better than ruining clothes)



I poured some of the condensed milk in each of the container and put in some food coloring into each one, stirring it up, and gave each boy his own containers so there would be no fighting over them.  That helped.

Then we laid out newspaper on our back porch (read slab of concrete) and stood back to see what would happen?  Neither of them went for it.  I helped BabyBach a little but Elibuddy was definitely more interested in the rocks.

So, what do we do with the extra?  We are giving it to our neighbor who has two little girls.  She said they love to color.

This can be a great way to get to know your neighbors who have young ones.  Just bring them all to the back yard and let the silliness begin!

Then we just took their diapered little selves straight to the tub and gave them a long soak and scrub.

So – how do I think about this as shepherding my boys: God is a beautiful creator and has given us many things to enjoy : finger paint and rocks!  Let them get messy, be creative, and have fun.  Its a way we were created to worship!