Carrot Raisin Pom Salad

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carrot salad

Real Food.  We are trying to eat more of it.  And what I love about it is you can find so many beautiful colors in the nature that God created.  pomegranates are very beautiful and perfect for the Christmas season

Carrot Raisin Pom Salad

(4-6 servings)

2 1/4 fresh grated carrots (carrots are so much sweeter than the baby carrots)

1/2 cup pom arils

1 honeycrisp apple, diced

1/4 raisins

1/3 craisins

2 T raw honey

2 T raw milk yogurt

Mix all together – serve chilled.


Thanksgiving 2010

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Another big holiday has come and gone. This year was spent running an 8k, wearing flannel pjs, setting off the smoke detector, doing crafts with my mom, and watching movies with my Dad. We enjoyed good food in NC.
Here we go:
Parmesan-Crust Pork Center-Cut Pork Chops
Tri-color couscous (because I burnt the roasted sweet potatoes
Cranberry Walnut Rulls (my fave part of the whole day)
Balsamic Glazed Slow-Cooker Carrots
Red Cabbage and Apples
Pumpkin Dip and Graham Crackers
Cold White