Glory and Grace : Psalm 42

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Drink God up!

I want to drink God,
    deep draughts of God.
I’m thirsty for God-alive.

Psalm 42

On your good days – do you think you can get by without thinking about God at all?

On your not-so-good days – do you cling to your pity and failures?

What about drinking down God?

You will always be satisfied and yet thirsty for oh so much more!

Glory and Grace Psalm 42

Taste of Cary: Sip – A Wine Store

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Cary is home to an eco-friendly, all organic wine store that is celebrating 8 months tomorrow – Sip.  You need to make it your New Year’s Resolution to make a trip to their store, have a tasting, and love the wine you taste. 

Not only is the wine superb, the staff, owned by April Schlanger, is friendly, knowledgeable, and not overwhelming.  The owner invited us to her tasting table and gave us knowledgeable information about her favorite wines of 2010. 

They have designed their store in such a way where you feel like you are almost in a cafe, a coffee shop, somewhere to stay all day.  And I needed a wine for dinner: shrimp angel hair (the sauce needed a good white), and April gave such an excellent recommendation. 

The store will also special order wines for you.  And they have different levels of “wine of the month” clubs as well.  They sell cork art, beers, wine racks, bottle charms, chocolate, and other wine accessories.

Some of the best on the tasting table tonight were:

2009 Lioco

2008 L’Aventure

New Must-See places in NC

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The next 6 weeks are going to hold many adventurous and fun things to do for me in NC (after a quick trip home to FL for Christmas). But, with the birthday coming up, a little middle of the week trip to the coast, some time in Charlotte and every place in between…here are some fun places I get to go to in the Tarheel State. What places would go you go to? What places do I need to hit up or try out? What do I need to eat?

A roomie-birthday trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art which is just down the street for the Trotman exhibit.

I just saw this in a NC magazine and need to go here in January… Sipa new wine house in Cary. Tastings, cheese, affordable wines…should be a pretty tasty place.

The Stemmerman Inn – yes, I went here already, but this time I get to stay. My Mother’s Birthday present to me. I can’t wait. This is such a pretty and old inn on the river! And Wilmington won’t be so packed since it is winter. Looking forward to 24 hours away.

I get to go back to the String Bean in Belmont, NC (by Charlotte). Looking forward to tasting some more of their yummy food. Such a fabulous little place.

Another fabulous French place in Charlotte that I get to go and prepare for a women’s conference I’m doing is called Amelie’s Bakery. I’ve heard their croissants are out of this world! I’ll let you know when I go!

And to go with all this eating, I get to run a 5k on New Year’s Day in Cary. Great way to start a new year, hoping for a PR. Gotta have one!

Thanksgiving 2010

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Another big holiday has come and gone. This year was spent running an 8k, wearing flannel pjs, setting off the smoke detector, doing crafts with my mom, and watching movies with my Dad. We enjoyed good food in NC.
Here we go:
Parmesan-Crust Pork Center-Cut Pork Chops
Tri-color couscous (because I burnt the roasted sweet potatoes
Cranberry Walnut Rulls (my fave part of the whole day)
Balsamic Glazed Slow-Cooker Carrots
Red Cabbage and Apples
Pumpkin Dip and Graham Crackers
Cold White