Taste of Cary: Sip – A Wine Store

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Cary is home to an eco-friendly, all organic wine store that is celebrating 8 months tomorrow – Sip.  You need to make it your New Year’s Resolution to make a trip to their store, have a tasting, and love the wine you taste. 

Not only is the wine superb, the staff, owned by April Schlanger, is friendly, knowledgeable, and not overwhelming.  The owner invited us to her tasting table and gave us knowledgeable information about her favorite wines of 2010. 

They have designed their store in such a way where you feel like you are almost in a cafe, a coffee shop, somewhere to stay all day.  And I needed a wine for dinner: shrimp angel hair (the sauce needed a good white), and April gave such an excellent recommendation. 

The store will also special order wines for you.  And they have different levels of “wine of the month” clubs as well.  They sell cork art, beers, wine racks, bottle charms, chocolate, and other wine accessories.

Some of the best on the tasting table tonight were:

2009 Lioco

2008 L’Aventure