Read This: Dream Devotional (Renee Fisher)

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Do you live a life in a glass bubble where everything is rosey and lively and romantic, free of trials, every day?  Since when do we not know of hardship, trials, anger, feelings of worthlessness or just mad at what others have done to you or what you have done to others?

God doesn’t promise his children the perfect life.  But, He has promised to always walk with us.  That is a treasure in hard times.  Life, in these almost three years of marriage (and Renee and I got married in the same month) have not been perfectly photographed and stages.  My husband and I have had the greatest joys of our life (children) and some of the greatest hardships of either of our lives (dealing with personal sin and then the dealings of other sins to us).  It has been a marriage of joy and hand-holding, and months of tears and hard conversations.  I wouldn’t trade my husband for anything in the world and am so glad I said yes to him almost 3 years ago (Thursday, to be exact).

Hardships are real.  If you know any of that, then you want to pick up Renee’s Kindle devotional: Dream Devotional.

What I like about Dream Devotional:

1.  Renee is real.  I love being a real friend and person.  Sometimes, that has come back to bite me, but I hate being artificial and fake.

2.  Its free until June 5.  Amazon. Kindle.  Thank you!

3.  Readability.  You find yourself in the stories and thoughts that Renee shares and you can find hope in the truths that she finds hope in.  And they are short.  When you are a mother – you don’t have time to read long chapters – so I like short ones!

4.  Hope.  We are not stuck in our hardships.  We are not stuck where the going gets tough.  God uses hardships to grow us more like Christ.  And we all need that.



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One of the reasons I love traveling is the time in the car or the plane gives me time to think, ponder, focus, and definitely sing along with the radio.  Yesterday I had a two-hour drive from Raleigh to Charlotte.  It had been a hectic week at the office and I was very glad to get in a car and just sing some country music.

While I did do that, I also had good thought time.  Quality time with my thoughts, my prayers, and my dreams.

Most of you who know me know that I tend to be:

1.  Busy

2.  Ambitious

3.  Perfectionist.

So, I am trying to guard against 1 and 3 and hit 2 square on the head!

I got an email from a photographer friend and it spurred me on (after it made me realize that I’m not really good yet…, I only like to pretend I am)

“Never let the fact that it may not be your current career stop you from diving in and figuring out stuff that you want to work on to get better.  It’s not about being great it’s about being proud of your work and producing work that others enjoy! That can happen at all levels of work and talent. 🙂  Keep at it.” – Said Friend (thank you said friend, and I mean that)

Currently, I have so many dreams.  When was I ever a dreamer?  I think I’m getting the knack of it in my old age.  Reading much and seeing other people’s dreams spur me on and then a friend, Jess, gives good ways to accomplish those dreams.  My reasoning behind dreams:

1.  I have a life to live to its fullest – God gave it to me to live for His glory, so I should take advantage of it, right?

2.  I am single and MUST use this time to its fullest.

3.  There is too much I want to do to not be out there every day living it up and being good at what I do live.

4.  Dreaming keeps me entertained and I press on…never knowing what is on the other side of that dream. 

5.  Must work toward making that dream a reality.

So…here is to some refocusing

1.  I have my dream writing job – and I want to be the best curriculum writer I can be.  This will take much work.

2.  I want to be the best social writer, speaker, and book writer – this also will take some work.  I think these three go hand in hand, that is why they are all linked.

3.  I want to be the best at yoga and running that I can be (this will require me running when it is cold outside, brrrr)

4.  I want to be the best food photographer I can be.  This is still in the big dreaming session but this covers two passions: food and photography.  My Mom helped get me started because she bought me my first food styling book for Christmas.  Thank you parents – dream motivators!  And I had a good conversation with a great wedding photographer who spurred me on.

That’s it.  4 things. 

If any of you have suggestions on how to accomplish said dreams – please let me know.