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One of the reasons I love traveling is the time in the car or the plane gives me time to think, ponder, focus, and definitely sing along with the radio.  Yesterday I had a two-hour drive from Raleigh to Charlotte.  It had been a hectic week at the office and I was very glad to get in a car and just sing some country music.

While I did do that, I also had good thought time.  Quality time with my thoughts, my prayers, and my dreams.

Most of you who know me know that I tend to be:

1.  Busy

2.  Ambitious

3.  Perfectionist.

So, I am trying to guard against 1 and 3 and hit 2 square on the head!

I got an email from a photographer friend and it spurred me on (after it made me realize that I’m not really good yet…, I only like to pretend I am)

“Never let the fact that it may not be your current career stop you from diving in and figuring out stuff that you want to work on to get better.  It’s not about being great it’s about being proud of your work and producing work that others enjoy! That can happen at all levels of work and talent. 🙂  Keep at it.” – Said Friend (thank you said friend, and I mean that)

Currently, I have so many dreams.  When was I ever a dreamer?  I think I’m getting the knack of it in my old age.  Reading much and seeing other people’s dreams spur me on and then a friend, Jess, gives good ways to accomplish those dreams.  My reasoning behind dreams:

1.  I have a life to live to its fullest – God gave it to me to live for His glory, so I should take advantage of it, right?

2.  I am single and MUST use this time to its fullest.

3.  There is too much I want to do to not be out there every day living it up and being good at what I do live.

4.  Dreaming keeps me entertained and I press on…never knowing what is on the other side of that dream. 

5.  Must work toward making that dream a reality.

So…here is to some refocusing

1.  I have my dream writing job – and I want to be the best curriculum writer I can be.  This will take much work.

2.  I want to be the best social writer, speaker, and book writer – this also will take some work.  I think these three go hand in hand, that is why they are all linked.

3.  I want to be the best at yoga and running that I can be (this will require me running when it is cold outside, brrrr)

4.  I want to be the best food photographer I can be.  This is still in the big dreaming session but this covers two passions: food and photography.  My Mom helped get me started because she bought me my first food styling book for Christmas.  Thank you parents – dream motivators!  And I had a good conversation with a great wedding photographer who spurred me on.

That’s it.  4 things. 

If any of you have suggestions on how to accomplish said dreams – please let me know.

Anthem 5k

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There are many things I would love to say about this race:
1. It was cold. I had 4 layers on top on. Then knee length running capris – very comfortable Nike! And fingertip-less gloves. I couldn’t feel my thumbs about halfway through mile 1. Then you just press on. It was a good amount – I didn’t feel bulky and I didn’t get too hot. It was about 32 degrees, though sunny and windless. That was a blessing!
2. Run with friends! I had my friend Sarah and then her two friends. Sarah kept up with her friend for about the first mile, but then her other friend stayed with me the whole time and we pushed each other.
3. Again, didn’t run with an iPod. I think I run better when concentrating on running and not on the music. And I can talk to people and be more aware of my surroundings.
4. New Shoes. All last week my left ankle was killing me. On Wednesday I couldn’t even put my food straight – it would only go sideways. With tennis shoes on. My old running shoes have bit the dust. I went to Kohls on Friday night after picking up my bib and shirt at Louisville Slugger Field and bought new Nike socks and shoes. They were so comfortable! I walked around in them at dinner and really felt like I owned them forever!
5. Train. I hadn’t trained at all for this race. Ok – 3 runs earlier in the week, but not like I should have. I had hopes and plans for the first 2 months of the year, but the weather in the Ville got the best of those. I don’t know what would happen if I actually trained for a race now and if I actually pushed myself!
6. Time: 36.03 – I was only 14 seconds off my PR. I am quite happy with that given the above circumstances.

Now, onto the next one. I may do a smaller one but the next one I am doing is the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half over Labor Day. I need to get signed up for that!
Go Run!

Running and P90X

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Yeah – bring on March 1.
That means, typically, there is warmer weather out there. And, I have missed running because of a couple reasons:
1. I hate running inside (track or treadmill).
2. I hate running when its below 40 degrees.

Last night, by the time I had the chance to run, I had to run inside on the track. The past few months this has been almost impossible because my gym keeps the track at about 90 degrees so you can’t breathe. So, I would do interval hills on the treadmill. Last night, the heat/air was back to normal. It felt so good to run 2 miles. I didn’t lose much on my time, but I could feel a difference in my right ham and in my left ankle. I’ve been having knee issues – but amazingly not when I run. So that was a good thing.
I’m running tonight on the track again (just a time thing) and then tomorrow night I’ll run out at Seneca. I’m gearing back up for the Anthem 5k on Saturday.
But, I’ve missed the energy running gives me and the weight loss/shaping ability that running has. Definitely will be doing that. I love the parks here in Louisville, and I am looking forward to Shelley, Johnson, and Lynn Lakes in Raleigh and also Umstead State Park. They will be good preparers for the Half I’m doing over Labor Day wknd. Hopefully some running buddies in Raleigh too. (But I’ll def miss my running buddies here in the Ville).
Ok – now for P90X. I’ve heard and read so many blogs about how absolutely wonderful this is. And for some yes. This is the first time I’ve heard some negative reports of it.
You can read about it here. Basically – its a lot of money. But, if you can borrow someone’s to test before you purchase it, that might be a wise move.
Ok – go exercise people – its spring – that means its one more month closer to bathing suit season – yikes! 🙂

February Goals

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I like making mini-goals! It helps in losing weight, in cleaning your home, or cooking a large meals. You have to break things down – instead of looking at the long term.
So, what am I going to do in February that will make more more healthy:
1. If it is up to me, eat salads for dinner. This gets me a lot of green in and doesn’t weigh me down at night. Now, there are times when I’ll have dinner with others – but then I can just eat sensibly – or if going out, I can have a salad. I know of one exception – Sonny’s with Sloan.
2. Start back training for a 5k. That means running more intentionally. Started week 5 of Couch to 5k again today. Got most of it done – but a sweet friend I hadn’t seen in a while was there so I stopped and talked to her then ran out of time. My first 5k of 2010 is the first wknd of March. Bring on the Anthem!
3. Continue with yoga or Bob’s boot camp. The first 3 weeks of the month will be dedicated to our friend Bob Harper. He makes me work. My quads and hams and inner/outer thighs actually hurt right now between the 2 DVDs and running.
4. Feb 24 – bring on round 2 of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. That will have me 30 days out of last day of my current job – so I want to look stellar. I really feel like I toned up and looked sleeker the last time I did it (before the holidays set in), so I want to do it again.

New things:
1. Taking a semi-private yoga lesson with a friend this weekend. I am very excited about that!
2. Hiking both Berea pinnacles later this month with Sloan. I’ve done it once before, but I’m doing it with Sloan this time.
3. Antibiotics. Taking augmenten right now for a sinus infection from last week. It is helping, but is sometimes not sitting well with my stomach and is making me thirsty – so I’m drinking tons of fluids!

How are you sticking with your NYRs? How are you keeping motivated in the cold month of February? What are your mini-goals? What new things are you trying this month?