NC Event: NC Muscadine Festival

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You never really know what to expect with small town festivals, even if they have years of reputation.
20$ isn’t a bad way to spend a day, enjoy the fruits of muscadines and scuppernongs, beach music, and shag dancing, and any fair food that you would want.
Kenansville in DUplin County was the setting for the NC Muscadine Harvest Festival. Small town and people from other counties came to enjoy the dancing and the vineyards’ tastes.
Chestnut Farms, Stephens Vineyard, and Duplin Winery at Rose Hill were by far my favorite. Whether it was the grapes, the customer service, knowledge, friendliness, or the sweetness – they are the winners in my book.
The shag dancing was fun to watch and I actually want to learn it. But, that requires a partner – one whom I want to be that close to – so I may just have to learn the steps and be ready. There were some dear elderly people who were dancing the night away.
What a fun event – and I’ll probably head back next year. You want to go. It surpassed my expectations.

Raleigh Event: 29th Annual Greek Fest

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One thing that I love about living in the triangle is that the nations come here. While most try to blend in to American “Southern” culture, there are some who celebrate their heritage. I love it!
Last night was the first time I have gone to the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church’s Greek Festival. It was a lot of fun.
Met up with some new friends there. Dinner was delicious and a huge portion, so I gave half away. I had the chicken rigonato. Pretty much half a chicken, marinate with olive oil, garlic and oregano. Very juicy. Serve with rice and green beans/tomatoes (so good too). I really wanted a baklava sundae, but didn’t give into that. My friends said it was absolutely delicious.
The dancing was great – especially with the close-up seats we had. Just love getting a glimpse into another culture. Knowing that if I ever get to head to the Greek isles, than I will know something of their culture (besides good food and the color blue). And BTW, that is on my bucket list.
I asked the question if we had an American culture festival (some would say we do at the Fair each year), I wonder what people would see? America is such a melting pot that it would be hard to have a definite culture to promote.