Fit Friday: 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

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5 Reasons to Drink Water

Starbucks. Coke.  Diet Coke. Cherry Zero.  Milk.  Juices.  Green Smoothis. Kefir.

So many liquids to drink out there – and I’ve only named a few.  But, what about the one thing that is free and good (at least in our ountry in most cities in America)?

My health fast in the month of March is for the remainder of the month, I will give up my Sonic runs and my unsweet tea and drink only water.  So, why should we drink water?  These are not scientific but just some thoughts:

1.  Fills you up before a meal.  So you don’t eat as many calories, so you lose weight.

2.  Cleanses your body because drinking more makes you go to the bathroom more.

3.  Makes your skin look healthier because you are flushing toxins from your body that usually cause acne.

4.  Its free.  Our wallet could use a break.

5.  It tastes good.  I like our water.  Clean.  Not filtered.  Ice or no ice.  Lemon, lime, or just plain!  PS.  If you don’t like your water, there are items like Brita or you can buy Aquafina or Fiji water if your budget allows.  Those are my two favorite bottles of water.