Losing the Baby Weight

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Losing Baby Weight

I’ve been anticipating writing this post for a while.  So, when I stepped on the scale this morning and it showed the number that I saw when I had my first doctor’s appt to confirm my pregnancy with my first little boy – I did a silent little squeal than ran and hugged my husband.

This has been an almost 3 year journey.  My older boy will turn three in September.  I had a rough delivery and that meant for a very painful recovery.  I could hardly sit or walk or stand without pain for 3 months.  Included in that was a move two states away.  I couldn’t exercise and I couldn’t lose the baby weight then as fast as I wanted.  I had gained 75 pounds and I wanted it off.

Why did I gain 75 lbs?  Well, some of it was baby – but not that much.  It was a hard pregnancy with much sickness.  I remember flying to TX in the late first trimester and having sour gummy worms and salt and vinegar chips on the plain, a Wendy’s value meal in the airport, then more gummy worms on the second flight.  I ate so much that pregnancy including CFA grilled nugget meals and Cook-Out shakes.  I hardly exercised till the third trimester and then I was too big so I just walked in order to get him out!  I should have had stock in G2 because that is all I drank.  Not a way to have a great, healthy pregnancy.  Some of that was sin – my rationalizing my gluttony because I was eating for two.

Shortly after my older was born, we found out I was pregnant with our second little boy.  I had only lost about 30 lbs.  What was I going to do?  I knew I couldn’t gain as much with this one, and thankfully it was an easier pregnancy and it was a 4-week shorter pregnancy.  I walked almost every day at the river near our house or at the zoo.  I just pushed that stroller.  Turns out I only gained about 30 with my second which is much more normal.  By the time I was home about 4 days I had lost it all.  Wow, couldn’t the first one have been that easy?

So, I had almost 40 lbs then to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Its taken me 19 months.  We have moved in that time and having two toddler boys is very stressful and hard – and wonderful and lots of hugs.  But, I’m an emotional/comfort eater.  And I love to bake.  Those two are hard when you are trying to lose weight.

Every pregnancy is different and every weight loss journey is different.  What you will find listed below is what helped me.

1.  Admit your sinful tendencies.  I confess my overeating sin often to God and my husband.  Both offer forgiveness.  My husband gives me counsel and encouragement and never holds it over my head.

2.  Make a plan.  Whether it is to eat less carbs, stay away from sodas, eat more fruits, join a program, join a gym – whatever it might be – write it down or tell it to others.  This accountability is such a help!

3.  Have accountability.  I’ve done this weight loss journey before but this is the most I’ve lost.  I have a few friends who ask me how its going via text.  I love that.  Having a husband is good accountability because I want to look good for him.  And knowing he still weighs less than I do is good motivation to keep me going to my ultimate goal.  Some of you may join a weight loss program for the accountability.  I love Weight Watchers.  I’ve lost weight before with it.

4.  Basic: eat less, move more.  Losing weight (if no other health problems) is that easy!  Really.  Try it.  Moving is essential to losing weight.  My mom is so gracious and pays for a gym membership and childcare.  But, if you don’t have that, go to a park and run with your kids, pop in a DVD in the morning or during nap time.

5.  Have motivation.  I’d love to say to my only motivation is to please God but I know that isn’t it.  Yes, it is a part of it because God commands us to honor Him with our bodies.  But, I also want to look good, fit into my skinny jeans and all those size 8 dresses in my closet, run faster, play with my boys without getting out of breath, and not be an overweight mom…I’d rather be a healthy mom!  I want to be a stylish trim mom.  I asked my husband to set my goal prize for losing the baby weight.  He knows I love to bowl but we’ve never done it.  He said let’s go bowling!  It wasn’t a food prize.  That would defeat the purpose!  My prize for getting back to wedding weight (11 more pounds) is an article of clothing from Talbots which I love.  And then my prize for making my goal weight is some time at Massage Envy.  Having extrensic motivation is helpful!

6.  Focus.  Discipline and self-control are both fruits of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit living in me is a great thing and necessary at all times.  He provides my self-control.  I just have to fight the war with my flesh to eat too much.  And as I’ve talked to my husband about my sinful food relationship – I know this is a battle I will never win until I see Jesus.  Then I will have a perfect body and won’t even need skinny jeans – but…the Spirit is here to help me in the meantime.

7.  Pursue the Gospel.  Realize that you may never lose all the baby weight.  Realize you aren’t defined by the scale or the number that magically appears when your feet step on it.  Jesus loves you no matter what you way.  He died on the cross to pay for our sins – which might include for you – a sinful relationship to food.  I have it. I think most people probably have some sinful attitude with food.  God made our bodies.  He made you to carry a baby and birth a baby.  You did it.  Your body may never look the same.  My body may be the same weight but it doesn’t look the same.  God is after your heart.  Jesus died to save you!  He lives so you can fight the flesh and serve Him with your body.

I’m not done losing weight.  I still want my wedding dress to fit again and it to get too big.  And I still have 22 lbs to be in a healthy weight range for my height.  So, the battle of the bulge continues.

Fit Friday: 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

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5 Reasons to Drink Water

Starbucks. Coke.  Diet Coke. Cherry Zero.  Milk.  Juices.  Green Smoothis. Kefir.

So many liquids to drink out there – and I’ve only named a few.  But, what about the one thing that is free and good (at least in our ountry in most cities in America)?

My health fast in the month of March is for the remainder of the month, I will give up my Sonic runs and my unsweet tea and drink only water.  So, why should we drink water?  These are not scientific but just some thoughts:

1.  Fills you up before a meal.  So you don’t eat as many calories, so you lose weight.

2.  Cleanses your body because drinking more makes you go to the bathroom more.

3.  Makes your skin look healthier because you are flushing toxins from your body that usually cause acne.

4.  Its free.  Our wallet could use a break.

5.  It tastes good.  I like our water.  Clean.  Not filtered.  Ice or no ice.  Lemon, lime, or just plain!  PS.  If you don’t like your water, there are items like Brita or you can buy Aquafina or Fiji water if your budget allows.  Those are my two favorite bottles of water.

Fit Friday Links

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Fit Friday Links

Welcome to Friday. Its been a difficult week to do anything in the way of exercise because all I want to do is go outside and walk – but that is hard when the wind is blowing, you have two under 17m and the air is arctic (compared to Florida sunshine and warmth).
So this weekend is supposed to be in the 50s so the Mister and I will get some walking in with the boys.
But, thought I would pass along some healthy blogs I’ve read this week – whether they are encouraging us to exercise or some delicious recipes – I hope you find a take-away in these links!
Be healthy this weekend!

My most memorable stuffed peppers are the ones my then boyfriend made on the night we got engaged.  He knew I was doing vegetarian for a year and made some black beans stuffed green peppers.  Here is a recipe for some pretty quinoa stuffed peppers.  Add a side salad and its a perfect light and inexpensive dinner.

Two of my favorite things combined in one recipe: brussel sprouts and avocadoes!  This is a beautiful salad that would be paired well with a lean meat or eaten for lunch with a slice of toasted sourdough (which makes every day better)

Healthy living includes mental health as well.  Here are some timely tips from Jessica for living without un-needed guilt.

Some of you asked about the juice or raw detox I did.  Here are some reasons of why juicing could help you!

Enjoy some sunshine where you are this weekend.  Enjoy the time spent with loved ones.  And eat some good food!  Read a book.  Laugh with your kids.  These are all healthy things to do!


Fit and Healthy 2014 Goals

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5k with sarah

I think this might be the number 1 resolution of most of the world.  Somehow, in someway – choose to do something that impacts your health.  Where most of the world fails is in determination and accountability and in attainability.

Going on a reality show and working out 9 hours a day for 3 months is not reality.  Starving yourself is not reality.  Giving up a certain product for the rest of your life (for most people, not those with health reasons) is not reality.  So how will you choose to better your physical health this year?

Here are my goals for 2014:

1.  By 2015: I want to be 40 lbs lighter.  That is a number agreed upon by my husband and me – and no one else.  He is the one I want to please with how I look, so that is why I wanted his feedback.  He is also a great accountability partner and likes to walk and eat healthy too!  Thanks Love.

2.  Now to break that down into attainable goals.  The first one: lose 17 lbs by the first weekend in April which is my first 10k race in a few years!  I’m very excited.  That is a little over a pound a week which is SO doable and set at a great pace!  That will also get me back to pre-pregnancy weight!!!!!

3.  I want do to more 30 day challenges.  Right now, I’m doing the LBD challenge with some friends on FB.  It is fun and challenging and quick and changes up my routine from what I always do!

4.  I am about to sign up for my first 10k in April and then have plans and hopes to do one in October – a half!  I love half marathons.  A challenge and not too much (like a marathon).

5.  I want to hike Pinnacle Mountain here in Little Rock to get me ready to do Blood Mountain at Vogel in September.  Mister will be glad to do both with me.

6.  Mister and I have talked and made plans.  We plan to walk during his lunch break with the boys 2 days a week, walk or be active on Fri and Sat which are his days off, and then allow me to go early on 2 days a week to run or be active by myself!  He is so my biggest fan!

Love accountability and determination!  And my smaller sized jeans and tops and dresses!  What motivation!

What are your challenges this year?

(The above picture was taken at the Anthem 5k in Louisville in 2010 – 4 years ago.  My friend Sarah was a huge help in my running beginnings.  It was cold but we finished and finished well.)

Fashion Fit Fridays

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Milestone week!

My baby is just 2 months (today) and I hit the 50 lb weight loss mark yesterday!  Very exciting.  People are asking me how I’ve done it and will continue;

1.  Who has time to eat when you have two boys under 15 months?

2.  Determination.

3.  Press your NO THANK YOU button – a LOT!

4.  Exercise as much as you can – which is hard because its been cold but I need to do this more.

5.  Set attainable goals.  I’m planning on doing a 10k in April and I want to be 3lbs less by my birthday.

The above picture was taken at a friend’s house when we dropped off the boys so we could go hear the Little Rock Wind Symphony for their Christmas concert.  It was fun.

This hat – I’ve gotten the most compliments on it EVER!  And I think my friend Kasey gave me this JCrew sweater – which I LOVE!

Press on!


Fashionably Fit Fridays

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hey folks.

It’s Friday again!  I hope y’all have had a great week – living healthy!

Here are some aspects of my week:

1.  I love my new shampoo!  It is great and makes my hair look shiny and strong.  It is cheap for a big bottle and the best shampoo for my normal long hair!

2.  I haven’t gone on a walk all week.  We’ve had company, my baby has been fussy, I’ve been tired. Need to get better at not making excuses.  And I’ll be ready to exercise in other ways in about 3 weeks when I get clearance from the doctor.  How fun.  I especially can’t wait to get some Yoga Downloads in and some kettlebell workouts for weight training and in December starting Jillian’s 30 Day Shred again!

3. I’ve gotten a bit of my appetite back and have enjoyed cooking again, though I am so thankful for people bringing us food since Baby Bach was born.  This week we received a roasted chicken.  My favorite roasted chicken recipe is from Sara Foster.  You can do so many healthy meals with a simple roasted chicken recipe.  Definitely should be on your weekly menu!

4.  Some folks ask about my favorite fashion or style websites.  One of my new fave sites is by Molly Buckley – a new mom herself.  I love her attitude toward clothes and fashion and also how she makes outfits her own.

Me and the mister

5.  Since I’ve not exercised as much this week and my appetite has come back somewhat, my weight loss was a little less this week: about 2lbs.  Which is what it should be – that is a healthy weight loss.  And it is right on track with my goal for my 37th birthday!

6.  The above photo – I love scarves!  My husband picked this one out for last year’s Christmas cantata at our church.  Glad I get more than one wear out of it!