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Milestone week!

My baby is just 2 months (today) and I hit the 50 lb weight loss mark yesterday!  Very exciting.  People are asking me how I’ve done it and will continue;

1.  Who has time to eat when you have two boys under 15 months?

2.  Determination.

3.  Press your NO THANK YOU button – a LOT!

4.  Exercise as much as you can – which is hard because its been cold but I need to do this more.

5.  Set attainable goals.  I’m planning on doing a 10k in April and I want to be 3lbs less by my birthday.

The above picture was taken at a friend’s house when we dropped off the boys so we could go hear the Little Rock Wind Symphony for their Christmas concert.  It was fun.

This hat – I’ve gotten the most compliments on it EVER!  And I think my friend Kasey gave me this JCrew sweater – which I LOVE!

Press on!


Exercising HumDrums

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Being almost 9 months pregnant (yes, pregnancy is really ten months for those who are wondering – or 40 weeks)…may not be the best time to think about your weight loss goals – but I’ve got a lot of them coming up in the next year, so get ready.

One of the new changes to this blog will be one day a week – hopefully – a fitness/living well update.  We have already started to make some eating changes and that is fun and challenging and teaches me new ways to be creative in the kitchen (though today I’m making strawberry cupcakes – don’t worry – they are for someone else).  But, I know that in a marathon race to lose 110 lbs (by the end of this pregnancy and down to where I want to be and where I have been) – I’ve gotta cook, eat, and exercise creatively.

We don’t have money for a gym membership right now – nor do I have time to go do that with (soon) two boys under 14 months.  But, here are some ways you can beat the exercise humdrums and shed those pounds, meet those goals, or just tone up!

1.  Set goals.  This was the biggest thing for me in my past weight loss journeys.  I had to set small attainable goals.  I did Weight Watchers and met lifetime during my almost 3 years in Louisville.  These must be small.  For me…the best goal is travel.  I go places and want to see people and take pictures.  So, I want to look the best I possibly can at that time.  So, I pick out clothes, a goal weight for that trip – and set my mind to it!

2.  Believe that you can do it.  If you don’t believe you can do it – no amount of influence from others will help you.  You have to do this because you want to.  However you need to encourage yourself – do it!

3.  Have encouragement buddies.  I began running during my time in Louisville.  I had several friends who were great encouragers to me in my losing weight and running journey.  My husband will be my biggest fan.  He wants me to be healthy – and after having two babies in two years of marriage is not the best recipe to stay healthy!

4.  Don’t be a slave to the scale.  Someone in Louisville asked me one time not to weigh – because the number on the scale had become an idol to me.  She was right.  Whatever the number on the scale said in the morning affected how I felt about myself that day, what I ate, and how much I exercised.  Nothing else seemed to matter.  You are more than a number on a scale.  The numbers can be a good indicator of your overall health, but not the only thing.  Have those jeans that you long to wear – hanging where you can see them – so that might deter you from eating that second cookie.

5.  Perservere.  I’ve lost almost 70 lbs before.  I know I love my clothes, style, accessories, and how I feel and look when I get to my goal weight.  I know 110 lbs is not going to be easy.  But, I have all of 2014 (and after S is born, the rest of 2013) to get to it.  It’s a marathon.  Go do it – be creative.  Get out and do new things.  I can’t wait to be healthy enough to go running again – and hike Pinnacle Mountain with my husband and boys in tow.

Maybe the book I’ve started writing about the gospel and food will eventually get written.  It is a matter very important to my heart (and my body).


Pregnancy and Clothes Shopping

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I know folks tell pregnant women not to go grocery shopping in the first trimester because a lot of the smells will make them sick – but no one warned me about going clothes shopping and how depressing it could be. 

I went with a sweet friend who has lost weight to pick out some new clothes for a photo shoot (and just to pick out new clothes).  What I didn’t expect was how depressing it would be looking at all the fall styles knowing that I could no longer wear a size 8 or even a 14 (unless it is maternity or as 12 with a belly band).  I know, you are saying it is all for a good cause – and I can’t wait to meet my sweet little boy I’ve been carrying for almost 10 months now…but I should never go clothes shopping when I can’t wear the clothes. 

I’ve been looking at this one particular fashion, hair, style, makeup blog and it has been great in helping me to get remotivated in looking as best I can for my husband when he comes home from work (I can at least still fix my hair and put on makeup even though none of my clothes fit)  And it gives me gread ideas for what I want to wear when I lose all this baby weight.  This post is the one that really got me thinking.

Here are my thoughts:

1.  Statement pieces: yes, I love jeans.  But, I don’t like spending money on them.  So, I love Kohls.  But, if I ever get to a weight I love and know I can keep it off and remain that weight – I may invest in some MadeWell or Lucky jeans.  The other is shoes: I have some red suede lagerfelds, JCrew zebra peep toe pumps, and some other shoes that are just fabulous.  Right now all I can wear is flipflops.  Ready for my feet to not be “memory foam feet”!  And I love blazers – cute jackets that go with anything that I like better than sweaters.  They make me look more complete and can totally work a pair of jeans. 

2.  Buying for my bodyshape: well, if I could ever stay the same weight for a few mon  ths – I could swing that.  Discipline is part of the journey.  Right now none of my tops will fit until I’m done nursing – then I may be pregnant again.  So, is this hope null and until I’m 40?  I hope not.

3.  Grabbing 10 things if your house is on fire: clothing things: Zebra pumps, my Kohls skinny jeans, a few Loft dresses, white sweater and teal sweater (both of which my hubs loves), and some sweet jackets that I have.

4.  Saving Outfits: Oh, I wear them – but I do save them even when I can’t fit into them – because they serve as motivation!

5.  Take care of your clothes.  This is definitely something I’ve learned since being married to my sweet husband.  If we are cooking and he gets something on his JosABanks white dress shirt – I have him take it off immediately, I stain treat it, then I throw it in the wash.  I don’t do the same with mine.  I need to.  Here is to new habits.

These pictures represent me at my skinniest (or almost) and one now almost 10 months pregnant.  Here is to goals and walking trails!







This is not my baby, but a sweet friend/neighor’s new born.  But, that was a small Loft sweater which I loved and an 8 Bass skirt which is one of my fave possessions and would definitely be listed in question number 3.  My husband hasn’t even seen me wear that skirt yet.  Oh, wait for the day.